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Posted 23 Jan 2021 23:56 in The Lounge by ANR

I AM going to prejudge Biden. A career Polly and former VP. Obama third term (coma).

In a heavily divided nation, he will find it impossible to balance energy policy, environment, economy and healt ...

Posted 19 Jan 2021 23:27 in The Lounge by ANR

Bowen is right. It is black and white, a Commonwealth responsibility.

Posted 18 Jan 2021 16:44 in The Lounge by ANR

Pence has offered a final tweet expressing hope that the US will put it's difficult days (in the past year) behind it.

He also mentioned that he was part of an administration that did not drag Amer ...

Posted 17 Jan 2021 20:59 in The Lounge by ANR

Imagine covid happened in the era of McEnroe and Connors? And they were in quarantine for 14 days.

"You cannot be Serious"!!!!

"Answer my question, .... Jerk"...

At least the ice Borg would  ...

Posted 14 Jan 2021 22:52 in The Lounge by ANR

Trump recently sayeth " be careful what you wish for".

How good or bad a president Biden (or even Kamala) turn out to be for the radical left is yet to be demonstrated. Biden will be derailed if he ...

Posted 14 Jan 2021 22:36 in The Lounge by ANR

Further to my previous post:

Looks like Mark McGowan has now asked the question about remote quarantine being run by the Commonwealth govt.

The media is describing this request as 'radical'.


Posted 14 Jan 2021 20:52 in The Lounge by ANR

What an accolade? The only POTUS to be impeached twice!

Is it possible that he will be the only POTUS to be impeached twice...


Still get 4 more years in 2024?

Watch this space.

Posted 13 Jan 2021 21:00 in New South Wales by ANR

How is the CAF going to provide extra comfort on the same tracks?

The bathurst mock up looks like crap. Yuk! Are they going to be the final colours? Why not make the train feel like a lounge as SJ  ...

Posted 13 Jan 2021 20:50 in The Lounge by ANR

After the latest corona outbreak in Brisvegas, Sydney, blah blah, the state premiers need to consider asking the feds to provide remote area processing of returning overseas pax. It is that simple.

Posted 12 Jan 2021 23:33 in The Lounge by ANR

Don't the dems realise than any further action against Trump is futile? It is adding to his anti establishment drain the swamp mantra. The orange one is due to leave the WH quietly in a few days and a ...

Posted 12 Jan 2021 23:22 in New South Wales by ANR

Should have stuck with a new build of XPLs which have proven their ability to run on a crappy track in far flung reaches. It has great utility. A train that looks more like a bendy bus but has no rubb ...

Posted 08 Jan 2021 22:12 in The Lounge by ANR

When the dust settles in DC, Biden will probably be a president of NYC, Chicago, the North West and LA. The rest of the land will not recognise him as a sitting president. If he fails to deliver (medi ...

Posted 08 Jan 2021 21:57 in The Lounge by ANR

RTT, BillyBaxter and others, remote area processing does have its logistical challenges. But we have the space for it. Look at the quarantine escapees in Perth and Darwin. OK, so it's hot, at first, s ...

Posted 06 Jan 2021 20:26 in The Lounge by ANR

They're doing it wrong.

We need to land every plane in an RAAF airbase, airfield etc

The army should be responsible for processing returned pax.

They should be sent or landed in remote locati ...

Posted 02 Jan 2021 21:49 in New South Wales by ANR

RTT, if I am struggling with anything, it is to believe a politician.

Posted 31 Dec 2020 21:42 in The Lounge by ANR

This all (re)started because returned overseas travellers are infecting the general populace. Best to fly them into Commonwealth facilities like Woomera or Darwin, quarantine them, and then release ba ...

Posted 30 Dec 2020 23:32 in The Lounge by ANR

The horse has bolted in NSW.

Posted 30 Dec 2020 23:32 in The Lounge by ANR

The horse has bolted in NSW.

Posted 27 Dec 2020 21:48 in New South Wales by ANR

Unless covid disappears anytime soon, it will be a stretch to expect that the trains will be delivered by the next election cycle.

If the wheels fall off the XPT by then, there is always the option ...

Posted 24 Nov 2020 21:38 in Sydney Suburban by ANR

What exactly are they going to concrete in the 10 day T1 shutdown?

Are they going to put in concrete sleepers and/ or will slabs replace the timber floor?

I am not an engineer (breathe a sigh of ...

Posted 20 Nov 2020 23:50 in The Lounge by ANR

If they have evidence, they won't hand it over to the partisan lamestream media who will seek to discredit and bury it.

Best to let the courts resolve it. ...

Posted 19 Nov 2020 22:47 in The Lounge by ANR

Australia has done incredibly well to contain the Covid, and keep our rates of infection and death toll down.

Remember my earlier posts about setting up remote quarantine centres in Woomera, Forres ...

Posted 17 Nov 2020 22:29 in New South Wales by ANR

So they have had their LEDs for 7 years?

Obviously I haven't been paying attention.

I am not counting down the days for the CAF to arrive.

It is just that nothing has been forthcoming about t ...

Posted 17 Nov 2020 22:24 in The Lounge by ANR

The sun always shines on South Australia. It is why they have solar farms.

Posted 17 Nov 2020 07:09 in The Lounge by ANR

They WILL get angrier, because they will become even hungrier.

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