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Posted 17 Sep 2019 14:46 in Melbourne suburban by ARodH

Maybe they're going to reinstate platform 1? And they should also do something about the cabin they installed under the bridge as it took away some car parking.

Saw one today around 13:10 sitting on the Pakenham East Depot exit road, obviously got there under its own power, as the catenary was up and there were no diesel-powered helpers nearby.

Posted 14 Aug 2019 23:48 in Victoria by ARodH

Well, the overweight VLo's do run on some part of the Ballarat line but they can't go past Bacchus March and I'll also note that some of the works are now viewable in google maps, but not streetview a ...

Posted 14 Aug 2019 22:54 in Victoria by ARodH

I don't think there're any trains in Vic that's listenable to via a scanner now, as everything's supposed to be digital radio or via 3/4G.

Posted 14 Aug 2019 22:50 in Victoria by ARodH

But not on the Bendigo line as the historic tunnels aren't "wide enough" for two tracks and 160 kph running on the full length and the designated short trip VLo's top out at 130kph due to weight.

Hotels employ staff. (MYOB has its headquarters at The Glen.)
MYOB also has their own dedicated car park in The Glen too.

Posted 17 Jul 2019 17:52 in Melbourne suburban by ARodH

Well, they did go for the cheapest option for suspension, possibly on the chance of making bank on upgrading it with better later.

The last time I looked at it was....2016, but I first noticed that it wasn't beside the track where it should be in 2008.

I don't know if it's been fixed, but for a long time the down trip-cock at Huntingdale station was in an operating state yet was in a position/orientation where it could not interface with a train if  ...

Posted 27 Jan 2019 23:19 in News by ARodH

There were some places load shed in metro, which weren't even recorded on the outage maps. Where I live was one of them. We got power back in an hour, but others nearby were down for longer.

Oakleigh's third platform was removed & they've gone scorched earth on the removed track bed.

[quote=drunkill][quote]Quick question - Why don’t the new trains have the central driving position like the X’Trapolis ?[/quote]Whats the point? Waste of space and money.

These trains won't be ...

Port of Baku:

Port of Aktau:

Edit: and for me the  ...

[quote=bevans][quote]Baku to Turkey= Train, Baku to China= Load on ship that crosses the Caspian Sea to port in Kazakhstan that has a rail connection to China (could be Kuryk or Aktau) then China. Any ...

Baku to Turkey= Train, Baku to China= Load on ship that crosses the Caspian Sea to port in Kazakhstan that has a rail connection to China (could be Kuryk or Aktau) then China. Anywhere freights going  ...

[quote=hbedriver]Am only writing what I see. Our Train Prep Dockets (basically a daily timetable for drivers and conductors) show us stopping at "Sydenham". The signals there all show "SDM" as their p ...

What is the bus from Watergardens to Melbourne Airport? Have I missed something!
There isn't one. PTV journey planner says get to Spencer st for Skybus. 'Sides the Tulla's only  ...

Construction of the new hotel tower at Chadstone SC is underway now & they've all ready put up 2-3 floors. Doing the foundation at the same time as the neighbouring office tower helped there. Also Eas ...

Posted 05 Aug 2018 19:30 in Melbourne suburban by ARodH

Well I personally think that you, Myrtone, have a bias AGAINST viaducts!
stooge spark
I think he even has a bias against road over rail bridges too.

Sorry, but the terrain along the North-South section of the Upfield line favours rail under, ..........
Because Myrtone hates bridges.

Right. And of cause if they get around to triple/quadding, some of what they pulled out will have to be redone.

Huh, so that's the name of that pit which Huntingdale Golf Course used as a water source in the last drought. I thought that the Harris' were dumped in another nearby hole where the pistol club is. Th ...

I don't know where it was covered, but during the this period of track shutdown for Hughesdale-Caulfield Skyrail there was major trackwork at Oakleigh involving new overhead, sleepers etc. At one poin ...

It's old but relevant. Plarail layouts popup in my youtube feed from time to time and for something that simple, you can sure come up with some complicated layouts with automatic starting & stopping o ...

I was told that Huntingdale Rd has concrete down the middle from Dandenong Rd to the station, though considering that the section of Tooronga Rd which the tram was meant to be extended to, the concret ...

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