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Going by what's in today's Herald-Sun the HCMT's might not be running to Sunbury, but instead to the Airport as that line has apparently been announced. Though the question on whether that station wil ...

Just one problem with trying to use these here, 3'6" is their gauge great for Queensland (anything Japanese that's standard gauge is either for the Shinkansen or export to the US). Nice looking interi ...

All I can think of is PVA

Either there's 3 sets of escalators down at the Collins St end of Spenser St now for being broken or cos of Covid, but each sign has the name Honeywell on them alongside the station managment logo. Wh ...

Right boredom struck and a comment about N gauge Peco track that Alan Shaw put in his AMRM article from April 2020 edtion got me thinking have I got the track on hand to duplicate Reeves as I know I'v ...

LXRA not doing anything other than crossing removals...have you not seen the mess they've made at Oakleigh Station? The removal of platform 1 and the upgrading of the pedestrian underpass has LXRA on  ...

Most of them show for me now, the ones that aren’t might just be cached.
I've been editing the post, grabbing the pic links from the main google photo page & not the album, wac ...

I think they're set to public now. If they were set to private I'm wondering how I'm seeing them in this browser as I'm only logged into Google in Chrome, Railpage is open only in Firefox.

edit: or ...

Posted 24 Apr 2020 23:29 in The Lounge by ARodH

[quote=don_dunstan]Retail rents are tipped to fall by up to 30% over the next two years because of prevailing terrible conditions according to the [url= ...

Right, trying something to see if the embedding from Google photos works, sod Photobucket.

So I've got a tub of N gauge track from the other major Japanese Model Train company, Tomix

Oh that turkey. He had a major research fail in regards to the 704 bus, as it's current route got changed around the time of the Smartbus introduction. It used to from Huntingdale station continue alo ...

Probably an idea to make a new thread for this

[quote=Prof_Klyzlr]Dear Aussie Modellers,

Slightly O/T, but for all of youse who regularly lament

[quote]"...all the layouts at the exhibition ...

[quote=ngarner]And the surprise of the month is that #9 followed only 4 days after #8 - not my video!

[url=]E009 transfer

& #2 is still testing on the ...

[quote=ngarner]New information released about Melinda park indicates that the existing platform is not going to become an island at all. The plans show two platforms separated by the duplicated tracks ...

Posted 17 Sep 2019 14:46 in Melbourne suburban by ARodH

Maybe they're going to reinstate platform 1? And they should also do something about the cabin they installed under the bridge as it took away some car parking.

Saw one today around 13:10 sitting on the Pakenham East Depot exit road, obviously got there under its own power, as the catenary was up and there were no diesel-powered helpers nearby.

Posted 14 Aug 2019 23:48 in Victoria by ARodH

Well, the overweight VLo's do run on some part of the Ballarat line but they can't go past Bacchus March and I'll also note that some of the works are now viewable in google maps, but not streetview a ...

Posted 14 Aug 2019 22:54 in Victoria by ARodH

I don't think there're any trains in Vic that's listenable to via a scanner now, as everything's supposed to be digital radio or via 3/4G.

Posted 14 Aug 2019 22:50 in Victoria by ARodH

But not on the Bendigo line as the historic tunnels aren't "wide enough" for two tracks and 160 kph running on the full length and the designated short trip VLo's top out at 130kph due to weight.

Hotels employ staff. (MYOB has its headquarters at The Glen.)
MYOB also has their own dedicated car park in The Glen too.

Posted 17 Jul 2019 17:52 in Melbourne suburban by ARodH

Well, they did go for the cheapest option for suspension, possibly on the chance of making bank on upgrading it with better later.

The last time I looked at it was....2016, but I first noticed that it wasn't beside the track where it should be in 2008.

I don't know if it's been fixed, but for a long time the down trip-cock at Huntingdale station was in an operating state yet was in a position/orientation where it could not interface with a train if  ...

Posted 27 Jan 2019 23:19 in News by ARodH

There were some places load shed in metro, which weren't even recorded on the outage maps. Where I live was one of them. We got power back in an hour, but others nearby were down for longer.

Oakleigh's third platform was removed & they've gone scorched earth on the removed track bed.

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