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I am interested in buying a PSM J CLASS steam loco - if anyone has one for sale please PM
H Class
Bruce Harrison -Trainbuilder has some available

The kit is based on TSX - 9 .Which was used around the TAMWORTH area in 79.I presume  this wagon would of been based at WERRIS CREEK . Another similar wagon was based at GRAFTON ? around the same time ...

[quote=Poath Junction][img][/img]



I'm sure you have lots of books .this was never in question.

What I didn't know was that you have actually done some modelling ,and on a 42 class.

This is fantastic news.

The best way to res ...

[quote=M636C][quote][quote]Hey Bob

How thick are those decals anyway.The real thing used 2.0 mm stainless ,bet you didn't know that .[/quote] as the maker of the decals, I can assure you they are t ...

Hey Bob

How thick are those decals anyway.The real thing used 2.0 mm stainless ,bet you didn't know that .

I'm not nit picking ,but it serves you right for showing off .

You capitalist swine 1 x  ...

Im not actually going to the exhibition

But if you want to put money into my account.

You wont get a loco

But in 2 years time I will still have the money to give back  to you

Thought I better shri ...

Have you had any problems with the unit over heating

Hi Robertc

Could you post some pictures of the rear of the train.

A lot of people only show the front and anyone interested in the guards van misses out.

A very common fault

Thanks in advance


That"s a lot of talking about which way the money went and where is it now.

You guys are going to get ulcers worrying about all of this.You need to let it go and move on .

I think the best way ...

Well it would appear this a timely reminder to all those foamers who wish and hope and pray that there dream loco comes true.All based on what a top bloke someone is as opposed to them having any expe ...

May I suggest contacting Auscision and get there Staff to Exchange it.

Have been having a play with my new 421,s.Which are very nice.


The head light and marker lights on no 2 end work fine.

but no 1 end the head light is very dime and the marker lights no existent ...

Still not convinced of your location robertc .

Your snow looks a bit dodgy mate,more like bubble bath than snow ?

Or perhaps your Avon soap on a rope from last Christmas .

Great work and great to have outdoors robertc

But what if you live somewhere ,where its -10 c snowing and freezing rain.

Then summer its 38 c

We cant all live in paradise like you.


Hi all

I am looking for any old Northern Models kits

Out of gauge wagon,heavy load wagon kits as used by NSW

These can be unopened.half made ,completed.

Please PM me if you can assist

Th ...


You dont need a steel frame with foam a 900 x 2100 x 100 sheet is very strong.I dont know why you would build a wooden frame,when the styrafoame is its own frame.Get 1 peice and have a play ...


Dont get to tricked into going down the wooden framework path a sheet of 100mm thick expanded poly styrene  will carry itself over 6 ft centres of supports .Cheap ,light ,not affected by weath ...

WANTED Austrains MLE,s please contact by PM.Thanks

No Dan ,there is no kit available for the much needed BME, BEX But this may change soon as I need a lot of these also.Some Blog Posts that might be of interest .I now have  castings  for the Saladin ...

The TE wagon was purpose built for the Centurion tanks .And used from their arrival in Australia in Oct 51 to their retirement from Dec 76.the TE could also be used by the railways for any other purp ...

  You bitches ROCK !! Just what this forum needs is a decent smeg fight and over layout lighting ,Im pleased you clowns arnt in charge of something important Peco points at 40 paces . And give me ...

I not paying 13 Dollars to get in that would be unlucky !

Posted 08 Jan 2012 11:40 in New South Wales by BOLIVIA

From the mid 60's the movement of ADF items was quite erratic, but when it came to heavy equipment such as tanks, I can only recall one train load in that era, which comprised Centurian tanks, the p ...

Posted 06 Jan 2012 22:28 in New South Wales by BOLIVIA


    Hi all

 I have been researching the movement by rail of ADF assets, for a future article which actually started out as some modelling .

Namely  Centurions,Leopards,M113's,M577's,M548 ...

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