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While watching Sydney Trains Vlog 1659: The end of the Carlingford Line on YouTube I noticed a TVM cabinet with a steel door covering where the TVM is, I wonder if the TVM is behind the steel door?

The image above was found by a Google search, if anyone who uses the ECRL can confirm?

And if it is, are these new or meant to be for the PERL?

NWRL tunnel connects to ECRL:

SMH:[url=] ...

When I was at Rouse Hill Town Centre in January the line was not complete, so most likely it will be yard testing only as none of the stations are completed aswell as the catenary not up yet on the li ...

Didn’t see a fleet number as I’m always heading westbound and this is between 4:15pm-4:30pm but it did look like the tram in the link below:

[url=] ...

Observed another front car on the back of a semi on the M7 exiting at Sunnyholt Road eastbound this afternoon.

Thank you for the update/verification Matthew

Just oberseved the front 2 cars set number unknown on the back of a semi heading eastbound on the M7.

At least on the southern CSELR they are actually using the old tramway in the wide median and basically not interfering with traffic.

But they are not utilising the reservati ...

SPER has secured one set, yes they probably still out in Penrith, use Google earth to see where they are, Sydney Train vlogs on YouTube has filmed footage outside where they were stored but I don't kn ...

Posted 05 Mar 2017 09:30 in Sydney Suburban by Ben_Daui

Thanks for the clarification scott4570.

Posted 04 Mar 2017 20:16 in Sydney Suburban by Ben_Daui

T sets are exulsive to sector 1, if a T set is on sector 3 it is a spare set or an additional service (i.e) Olympic Park service.

I agree with the rough ride of QR passenger trains especially between Roma St & the Valley, points are sharp and if standing hold on.

Posted 14 Jun 2016 18:30 in Sydney Suburban by Ben_Daui

I found this document on Google:

[url=] ...

Well after not seeing the mockup image on the post above I found it here: [url=] ...

I noticed that the old single deck carriages and recovery trucks are not on the western side of FMC anymore, have they being moved to another part of FMC or moved offsite?

I hope the carriages have ...

If the River service was re introduced and make it 2 services per hour between St Mary's-Wyong in both Directions I for one would use it as it would be nice to get one service to Epping, the go down t ...

Posted 16 Sep 2015 23:32 in Sydney Suburban by Ben_Daui

Well this is my V Set:


Well now Mr public transport Malcom Turnbull is the PM, he should get the PERL completed and have the NWRL routed in its own path and leave the line in its current form as the TBM's on the NWRL have s ...

Can anyone assist with the following error on installing this route:
[/quote]Have you got both the .exe and the .D01 files? On ...

Can anyone assist with the following error  on installing this route:<object width="320" height="240" data=""  ...

My issue is the PC I have MSTS  on 2 old PC's, the 1st PC Ihad my mate image the HDD, that OS was WIN 2000.

The 2nd PC is WIN XP and the HDD's in that PC Have not been imaged yet.

My issue is I don' ...

Yes N959 it was.

Aurora8 I was standing at on the platform at where the 5th carriage would be on a 8 car set which is on a curved section of the platform so I could not see the signal at the western end of the platfor ...

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