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[quote=don_dunstan][quote][quote][quote]It's been in the planning phase for some time - I was interested to see the protest movement against the new line sprung seemingly from nowhere (or perhaps with ...

Andrews - Dud

Labor - Dud

Greens - Dud

Time will tell but this government will be one term.

50 crossings, 8 years your dreaming Dan!


Accurate post here.

The Labo ...

[quote]For 33 days from 1 January 1990, 250 trams were parked in Melbourne's CBD streets by tram drivers. The Cain government wanted to save $24 million a year. The trams did not move because the gove ...

Come on guys.

Bracks promised a rail line to be built by 2003 to South Morang back in 1999. Nothing happened until 2009 when the election was imminent. Brumby said it wouldn't happen until "2021" a ...

So, what happened with Labor's big plans of quadruplication over 10 years ago?

Just wait until next year and make sure Liberal wins for this to happen.

Will never happen under ALP.

Saw one of those new trams (E-Class) being tested in the city last night. Looked great, bright LEDs. Nicer than Citadis.

Will these finally see the retirement of the Z class & A/B class?

Yep, this is definitely 671M! Went to the site recently Smile

Thank you Smile
Site looks quite impressive.

Is this 671M?

Don't believe it's 500M either, so 671M seems the only logical explanation. I haven't seen any mention of it on here (apart from, not even  ...

I'm surprised people actually still smoke though. Why would you want to waste $20 on a packet of those things to end up with yellow teeth, nails, wrinkly skin and bad breath!?

Posted 22 Jul 2013 18:18 in Melbourne suburban by Bobman

An X-trap passed through Glenhuntly today (Frankston line). No pax on board.

Posted 14 Jun 2013 00:51 in Melbourne suburban by Bobman

I see Hitachis all the time on the Frankston line. A pleasant sight too Smile

Slightly off topic.As a result of the incident 305M is showing remnants of "The Met" and "Bayside Trains". during the refurbishment did they EDI just stick a cover o ...

I was there and yes it was chaotic.Conflicting reports from witnesses ranged from car driving around the gates to car stuck on gates to the above suggestion by another poster.Saw hundreds of people ou ...

[quote="Man dead after car crushed by peak-hour train at Cheltenham Station"]

A MOTORIST is dead after a peak-hour collision between a car and a train at Cheltenham Station.


The f ...

It does need separating.


Here's a video I found on YouTube:


3 fire appliances were in attendance at the event.

Sorry to dig up an old thread.

Just got word of one of these trams has been totally gutted by fire tonight.

Sad to hear.

Posted 29 Nov 2011 13:54 in Radio and Scanning Discussions by Bobman

They seem to have gone through most of their stock already.

Apparently only 180 units this year and another batch some time in January.

I agree that Centre Road would be easier, but I also suggest that both should be done at the same time.

I have worked nights in Clayton (up to 7 days a week) for about 10 years now and lived in the ...

There has been discussion about Clayton Road, Clayton as well recently given all the events happening there that has caused major delays. One only being a few days ago.

You would hope that once Spr ...

My vote is putting the road under.

Then if a truck hits the bridge and trains are out of action, that would put a nice dent in your day.

Given the amounts of heavy vehicles that do traverse Spri ...

Not denying you one bit, but, source? I want to read more you see Smile
Dandenong Leader, but they haven't put a link online Sad

Plans for level crossing separation revealed

THE first plans for the long-awaited Springvale level crossing grade separation have been released.

Vicroads showcased four draft design plans at a p ...

Having lived in the area my whole life, I think this is a joke.

People in the area have cried about their wooden gates, but now they won't have any gates at all. So, what exactly has been achieved? ...

Posted 13 Apr 2011 01:41 in Melbourne suburban by Bobman

Sorry 42101, but it is perfectly valid to call 000 in this situation - as SteamtoStay says, there is a valid threat to life.

To who's life? Why would you care about the surfers' lives?

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