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Posted 23 May 2018 20:47 in Melbourne suburban by Connex

I’m pretty sure Elecrail owned this set originally, surely they wouldn’t scarp it?

Thanks for the information. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the new design (should have stuck with the old one.)

Around 10 minutes ago, I saw a Comeng set near Beaconsfield which had Connex-like stripes on the front of the cabs! It didn't have a Connex logo on the top, but rather a PTV logo where the blue & yell ...

Posted 12 Jun 2017 09:44 in Melbourne suburban by Connex

[quote=Gauntlet]The railway line between these two stations has had level crossings removed by all four methods - ie. road raised, road lowered, rails raised, and rails lowered.


Also, the two ...

[quote="Heihachi_73"]Refurbished Harris 908M is still going strong today as H car BCH135, despite one caption saying it would never run again!

1003T was also scrapped with its friends 305M and 30 ...

Posted 22 Aug 2016 09:06 in Melbourne suburban by Connex

Bit of a bump here. Anyways, Vicsig lists 561M-1131T-565M as stored as well. However, it's actually in service as I saw it today going through the Cardinia Road Level Crossing.

Posted 22 Aug 2016 09:03 in Melbourne suburban by Connex

Does Mont Albert still have a mechanical bell? If it does, it's that quiet that it's impossible to hear from inside the train (blame the cashed-up NIMBYs).

No, it's got Bar ...

[url=/user/2][b]@bevans[/b]: Your welcome. They did air a news story on it on 7 News over ten minutes ago.

UPADTE (6:18PM): Made out one of the carriages numbers to be either 516M or 518M. Not to sure which carriage caught on fire.

Possible sets:



Was coupled up to  ...

As what Seven News' tweet says, a Comeng set has caught on fire at Dandenong. Carriage numbers unknown at this time...

Posted 20 Aug 2016 10:03 in Melbourne suburban by Connex

Ok, Here's a list of crossings in Metropolitan Melbourne we know off that still have mechanical bells...

[ul][li]Station Street, Fairfield (Westinghouse Hybrid)[/li][li]Main Street, Pakenham (Westing ...

Posted 20 Aug 2016 09:52 in Melbourne suburban by Connex

There's still two crossings in Pakenham (my local suburb) with Westinghouse Hybrid bells (Main Street & Racecourse Road) McGregor Road has E-Bells installed on the crossing in early 2014, and Cardina  ...

7 News report on the station. BTW, they messed up big time and said that it dates back to the 1980's when the Frankston line opened. The Frankston line w ...

Posted 09 Aug 2016 09:50 in Melbourne suburban by Connex

If you get the title of the thread, basically everytime you see a crossing that now has E-Bells in place of the older style mechanical bell at any level crossing in Melbourne, you post it in this thre ...

What about the Platform 1 building at Clayton?

BTW, My petition will see all three station buildings being relocated. Thanks for helping me.

EDIT: Petition started. ...

I wasn't aware of Clayton being heritage listed. There's nothing mentioning its heritage listed at the actual station. I'm starting a petition to save the buildings at Carnegie & Murrumbeena. I think  ...

I'm shocked that nothing is being done to save the buildings at Carnegie, Murrmbenna, and Clayton. Disgraceful destruction to heritage.

When did they stop installing nose doors on the power cars?
They leaked when it rained apparently and they let the draughts in at speed.

Interestingly ...

I came up with some joke names for the stations (Just for laughs):


*Daniel Andrews Sucks

*Al Bundy

*No Skyrail

*You're Fired.

Hooray for skyfail! Less jobs and another reason to boot Daniel Andrews out.

Should you add refurbished Harris 908M and friends.

They got flooded at Windsor on 7 February 1989 and some of the carriages were never used again.

Thanks for letting me k ...

[quote="712M"][quote=Connex][quote][quote]1156T - Extensively damaged in Holmesglen crash 2000. Bent in the middle like a banana. Amazingly, the carriage was repaired and returned to service. [/quote] ...

[quote="I'm Barely Online"][quote=Connex]1156T - Extensively damaged in Holmesglen crash 2000. Bent in the middle like a banana. Amazingly, the carriage was repaired and returned to service. [/quote]I ...

I've written a list of what configurations the Hitachi's entered service in...

1M-901T-902T-2M (902T later replaced with 903T for reasons unknown.)





8M-9 ...

Thanks for all the additions! I'll be looking forward to hearing more!

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