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[]What are the load factors on the current N Sets? Might the adjustment down in capacity match the current demand? Might also there be adjustments coming Seymour and south with the int ...

Personally I have no issue with the extra wheelchair spaces.

Traveling on the line fairly regularly, the wheelchair spaces at the end of car C are often hotly contested by those with walking aids,  ...

Posted 24 Mar 2020 16:15 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=bevans]Albury services still facing delays after Wallan. You would think every available crew would be working the line to complete upgrades?

[url= ...

Posted 18 Mar 2020 10:31 in Victoria by Contrillion

No V/Line buffet facilities operating for the foreseeable future, due to the pestilence.

From the words of station and train staff.

Posted 13 Mar 2020 12:34 in Victoria by Contrillion

Most conductors manning the cafe bar/buffet/catering 'thing' have been waiving the cost of hot beverages for passengers on Albury trains as of late - I believe since trains resumed with 80 km/h speed  ...

Posted 06 Mar 2020 09:16 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=Carnot]It gets worse. Possible washouts near Euroa?

[url=][/quote]Jus ...

Posted 04 Mar 2020 11:22 in Victoria by Contrillion

Why not go down to Albury then, or even just Wagga, (close enough to the halfway point) and turn it back there? Too operationally challenging?
That's what is happening now. Sydn ...

Posted 26 Feb 2020 13:26 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=bevans][quote]An Age article suggested that the driver mightn't have been informed that the train was diverted via the "15 km/h loop". Does this mean that the point leading to the loop has a d ...

Posted 26 Feb 2020 09:47 in Victoria by Contrillion

I am happy to be corrected on this, but the clip in the video appears to be between Seymour and Albury.
Yes, it's the east line heading south at Bowser (near Wangaratta). ...

Posted 24 Feb 2020 10:34 in Victoria by Contrillion

I thought this section was 2 x BG and 1 x SG line or am i mistaken?
2x BG and 1x SG + SG passing loop.

Posted 21 Feb 2020 09:50 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=bevans][quote][quote]Are these questions even relevant at the present situation?[/quote]I think that the RTBU's comments may be very relevant given that according the the last WON issued, Walla ...

[quote=Lad_Porter]You can use MYKI to go as far as:

[ul][li]Eaglehawk/Epsom[/li][li]Seymour[/li][li]Traralgon[/li][li]Waurn Ponds[/li][li]Wendouree[/li][/ul]

To travel beyond any of those places, ...

[quote=freightgate]Why is multi not used to Maryborough today ?

Is myki used on buses in the area ?

Would the government so wider extending the rail services to the east and not to the north to ...

Posted 10 Feb 2020 12:40 in Victoria by Contrillion

All services have resumed as of today. I note that the XPT services were running through to Melbourne again since at least Friday, possibly a day or two earlier.

Looks like a story, I don't see a 'sponsored advertisement' disclosure anywhere.
The first non-bold paragraph is probably the only thing in the article I could consider ne ...

Posted 04 Feb 2020 10:43 in Victoria by Contrillion

One line is open

other is still closed

XPT's terminating at Albury
Are the V/Line pax running?

Edit: Just saw one go past so I guess the answer is yes.


Not runn ...

[quote=The Vinelander]...if I catch the bus from Castlemaine to Ballarat I normally touch on my myki at Castlemaine, touch off at Ballarat even though strictly speaking I should have purchased a ticke ...

I can't imagine a reason why the Mykis can't be used past Jan Juc.
stooge spark
As mentioned, the Geelong/Bellarine suburban bus network already extends to Jan Juc (zone 5). This, couple ...

Posted 13 Jan 2020 15:19 in Victoria by Contrillion

It appears V/Line have introduced the concept of 'partial extreme heat' timetables on some lines, being used for what I believe is the first time today on the Bendigo Lines - with only the Swan Hill c ...

Posted 03 Jan 2020 11:29 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla][quote]In response to YM’s question about bypassing VLine et al with safety concerns, ATSB actually has a confidential reporting regime “available to any person who has a saf ...

Posted 19 Dec 2019 09:18 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=hbedriver]Vline still doing a great job of wrecking the services, better than what the workers can. One pm peak train disabled at Footscray last night about 17:45, created late running on Geelo ...

Posted 17 Dec 2019 13:53 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=jakar][quote]Maybe some Seymour depot drivers treated themselves to a short shift yesterday as part of the industrial action?[/quote]There was no industrial action yesterday apart from doing ov ...

Posted 17 Dec 2019 10:24 in Victoria by Contrillion
Jack Le Lievre
They were a bit trigger happy with that - the region mostly just scraping 30 degrees yesterday.

I noti ...

The new loop at Boorcan will allow for the introduction of a fifth Weekday return trip to Warrnambool.
I assume this will eliminate the use of the siding at Camperdown for cross ...

Posted 10 Dec 2019 09:16 in Victoria by Contrillion

[quote=Maximas][quote]I am sure the travelling public will be thrilled by this Rolling Eyes's shocking, not to mention poten ...

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