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[quote=kuldalai]RNDP specifies Geelong OP 20 mins delivered, Ballarat 40 mins from 2020, and Bendigo also 40 mins no time at this stage.

Metro run at 10, 20 min frequencies so VLP to fit cannot be ...

North Shore is actually a reasonably well patronised station these days.

It is bizarre that the between peaks trains have the Waurn Ponds services running express through a couple of stations whils ...

[quote=The Vinelander]

I've never considered V'Locity's to be 'country trains', because I've travelled extensively on VR country trains over a few decades.

Ballarat, Geelong, Bendigo et al are ser ...

It would need to be standard guage to link in at Zahedan with the rest of the Iranian network.  The Central Asia lines are a long way away.

Absolutely correct, Jack.

Target will live to regret moving from Geelong.  Already, their profitability has nose dived since they left.

It is baffling why they picked the location they did.

The fact that no incidents happened that caused the crossing to be notorious, over many years might tell you something.

The design of some modern vehicles leaves a lot to be desired in regard to vi ...


And in a private sector example, I've heard that the reason that the Target head office relocated to Williams Landing soon after moving to Geelong was that they experienced a seve ...

$10 billion?  Really?  Including a tunnel?

This mob need to take over all infrastructure provision for Victoria.

If they can get 200 kmh trains running to the regional centres with the timeframe ...

[quote=kuldalai]Yes the older ones were weighed . 76, 77, 78, 79 allegedly are now all cleared to run in revenue service as of 27/02/19 according to Addenda on VLP Corporate website . All 79 VL set ...

[quote=Big J]

Back to the topic, driverless trains been around for years ala Singapore and what Rio is achieving shows what you can do within a ecosystem. No doubt Sydney will operate to the same ...

Why do you think the MARL will cater for std gauge?

Oops, lo0oks like it has changed since the original concept.  It appears to now be part of the subruban Rail Loop.  Damn s ...

The up line will be converted to standard gauge at some stage.  Therefore, broad gauge only concrete sleepers will be a waste.

The "catch 22" style problem is that the Victorian Government is disil ...

Speaking of air routes getting support, Alliance and Virgin announced today a new route between Melbourne and Kununurra starting next year.  It will be operated with 80 seat aircraft and is being unde ...

Posted 11 May 2019 12:01 in Victoria by DalyWaters

It makes a lot of sense to add the Dooen loading to the through trains.

The Melbourne to or from Perth trains require a third or fourth loco added just for power or braking for the Adelaide Hills s ...

Posted 26 Mar 2019 16:22 in Victoria by DalyWaters

[quote=DALEK]For the second Saturday in a row, the 7:37 Warrnambool to SCS service was so overcrowded that it had to run express after Geelong, with a Vlocity following and stopping at the skipped sta ...

Not a bad effort at going off topic.  As was mentioned, there is another thread to discuss the proposed long distance trains, including buffets.

However, this news item should be referring to the n ...

[quote=John.Z]What's with the fascination with stopping at North Shore? Is it the Overland? North Shore and Corio combined see half as many passengers as Lara, North Geelong, Geelong, South Geelong, M ...

Is it part of the Heavy duty driver's licence that they have to know their OD routes in the capital cities?

Is it part of the Chain of Responsibility that says a bus company  ...

Posted 17 Dec 2018 17:39 in Victoria by DalyWaters

You can definitely put that down to a shortage of drivers.


The Vinelander

No. Shortage of rolling stock.

It is the ridiculous idea of having one zone for all of Melbourne that makes a short trip uneconomic whilst encouraging people to live way out on the fringes.

As is just about always the case, Sing ...

The headline writer gets to write the headline they have been waiting all fortnight to write.

"Driver Error".


From what I gather, just about everything the driver does on the train at BHP is communicated to Train Control.

I am surprised that the driver would not be required to state what position he/she ha ...

Posted 02 Nov 2018 23:31 in Victoria by DalyWaters

Cancellations and service reductions en masse tonight on the Bendigo line. Long weekend anyone?



Hopefully not for the maintenance fitters, considering the backlog  ...

Posted 02 Nov 2018 15:38 in Victoria by DalyWaters

Classic example was Wednesday's 1416 Ararat service.

There was no driver on the train. Manpower was notified and a standby driver was sought. The driver got to the train at 1425.

Despite there the ...

V/Line has a freight section involved with this project.

I would not be surprised to see them become the operator of last resort if no one else will take it up.

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