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Posted 15 Nov 2015 13:18 in Western Australia by Dorutland

They have started the early works. Foundations are in for the new masts on the outside of the track and some under track crossings have been bored.

Posted 04 Jan 2015 20:12 in Western Australia by Dorutland


Was told by a mate yesterday that BHP are going to automate all of their trains like Rio with the same kit.

Anyone know more?


Is the one you were on about called Dixie?

Got this from a mate so don't know anything about the loco so any info would be welcome.



Are you going to share with us lesser mortals? Very Happy

Laverton failed today with injector problems. Queen had a run and looked good. The guy I was talking to took some pictures. He was saying that the new loco was built in early 90's but has only run a f ...

Hi All

Cohuna Queen had a test yesterday after her rebuild. As you can imagine, there is still a lot to do! However, Laverton, the other steam loc there, has been running and was on test last weeke ...

Posted 10 Apr 2009 20:40 in Australian Miniature Railways by Dorutland


New to this forum but hope I can help. Don Young did a set of drawings for an A3 which included the profile of an A4. All of the castings are available from Reeves in the UK as are the drawings. ...

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