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All SDS newly tooled NR's are now available, except the Great Southern NR30 & NR31 still expected March 2020.


Pretty sure I got the last one at 10am on Saturday but it always pays to give them a call and check



Sounds right, I got one friday and there was one left.

More on  ...

One left as of 1:30pm today.


SDS now showing the two Great Southern liveried NR's (NR30 and NR31) on their new NR Page available to order.

DC versions ETA March 2020.


Looking for a Southern Rail Models SMR10 Class - Number 30 in Maroon

Wanting brand new condition in box, no sound.

PM if you have one that you would like to sell.

A sound one would be an opti ...

Question for those that might know...Can the Auscision pans be used to draw power from a live model overhead?

Yes, they already can. They are wired internally and there's a sm ...

Auscision Candy 48 Class - 48117 Candy with Grey Roof

Brand New in Original Box - Not Run

$330 + Postage

PM me if interested.


….. and will Phoenix drop their RH/LCH's on the market about the end of May, and be on sale at Rosehill?

Happy subterfuging,



Phoenix LCH's to run behind the Wombat ...

[quote=Poath Junction][quote][quote]Status update posted to facebook. spotto for the unannounced 442 livery Smile[/quote]Looks like BHP livery , 10th pic in rear row of tubs 5 in from left .[/quote]I'd ...

What I've heard recently is that the Auscision 80 class is perhaps *mostly* comprised of the OTM 80 class project.
LOL, tell us another one.


Any mail on what lead to Berg's being relegated to a tiny stand which they could not conduct trade from this year?

Appeared to be very awkward


Peter Berg was not well enough to ...

Answer from Wombat Models to a question I posted on Facebook regarding front couplers...

"Hi Paul we are currently in the process of designing a coupler box to suit and we are trying to use a much  ...

[quote=trainguy84][quote]Doubt it very much..

Interestingly the G class has gone quiet and it was up on their page well before the C class.

Be nice if they can update their products page to show ...

[quote=Booly]Just an update on the weight issue , added as much lead sheet weight to the underside of the cab roof , between the wheels on the keeper plate and anywhere else that i could . (Lets just ...

Anyone got the Zinio digital version yet?


Gave one of mine a run on a mates layout recently and it hauled a full 6 car Casula South Coast Daylight R Car set on the flat with power to spare.

Very impressed.


[quote=Radioman]Hello All,

re Alex's comment on a higher payment being required.

According to p45, AMRM August 2018 quote "... in a very generous gesture, Wombat Models have offered a very subst ...

[quote=meh]Did anybody know about these:


[url= ...


[url=][img] ...


Mentioned in their 2018 update, 94 different body versions/liveries and an average of 50 per body version/livery which comes to a total of 4700 models.[/quote]Your logic ...

[quote=Poath Junction]Austrains site is currently suspended (I suspect hosting renewal overlooked)

Anyway, pics of 3112 have surfaced on facebook today. Model has a headlight and lots of lining, bo ...

Interestingly enough it seems my CC has been charged for the 81 class locos I've order; so one would assume they are not far off...

The $275 is the pre-paid pre-delivery price. Ful ...

[quote=DJPeters][quote]Me to, at $770 for pr-order I hate to guess what the after arrival price might be & keeping in mind Ixion is selling their 32 for $495, $770 seems somewhat excessive.[/quote]Ori ...

[quote=Poath Junction]20' sideload containers and car samples added to facebook in recent days

[img] ...

At the Liverpool exhibition one of the manufacturers was showing an advance model of a printed CW cattle load. I can't find any mention of it now. Can someone help?
The railway dog

Sou ...
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