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Anyone got some news about when the LHG vans will be out?
The railway dog
Leaving HK later this month.


Auscision have 20% off all Auscision products for Black Friday.

Obviously why they are still showing the VR E Cars as 'in transit' although all pre-orders have been sent out and received a couple o ...

[quote=brissim][color=#111111][size=2][font=Verdana, sans-serif]Austrains original run "Ultimate" S trucks for sale. Total of 26 in good condition in original Austrains boxes. Austrains Item 8401[/fon ...

There's something up with the cab side windows, they look so narrow compared to the HO version, too much black around them maybe.


[quote=Poath Junction]"[color=#050505][size=2][font=Segoe UI Historic]Be sure to check out Australian Modeller this Saturday as we will have something special released in store at 10am. For those that ...

The longest that I can think of is the Powerline Explorers announced in July '93 from memory with pre-production models around twelve months later, still no model.
Jack Le Lievre
Still w ...

[quote=a6et][quote]Anyone out there know what replacement motors fit the 44 ? Got one that dropped it's guts. And only after a few hours of running.

With all the gear problems we have all come acros ...

[quote=geoffb41]Have an Austrains NR 75 to which i'm trying to get an eight pin decoder working but I can't read it to read any CV's

I bought two new Laisdic decoders and both give the same result ...


There were actually two runs of the Austrains Pullman Carriages in H0.

The first run was much as described above. I understand that the carriages in this run were fitted ...

[quote=Spinner5711]This lot may answer (some of) your questions.

[table] [tr] [td]Austrains[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Vintage Train Pack 8301[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]HX, 8321. Red & Cream[/td] [/tr] [t ...


Does anyone remember the codes of the Austrains Pullman cars and how they were packaged?

I recall them selling as a 3 car set (inside a 4 car set box) and then offering an add-on 4th car.


"Real Trains not Road Trains" NR Class Locomotives have been added to the NR page and now shown on the order form, arriving Q1 2021 along with the Great Southern Locomotives.

"Real Trains..." avail ...

[quote=Poath Junction][color=#1c1e21][size=2][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]And the winner of "guess the missing code" was:

APS-23 IP Mk4 BRG platinum sleeper single carriage.[/font][/size][/colo ...

They've just announced the Great Southern 14 Car set...

[url=]https:/ ...

[quote=sm-at-eden][quote]Or could it be a set of the AK cars from the FAM cars they did as the unannounced model would be great if it was true and give you something to run behind quite a lot of Austr ...

[quote=lkernan][quote][quote][quote]Auscision product codes:

Tangara = NPS-1 TO NPS-12

unknown = NPS-13

Aurora = NPS-14 TO NPS-20

NPS-13 the only unknown, and it's odd how the two FAM sets aren' ...

[quote=TheMeddlingMonk][quote][quote]Auscision product codes:

Tangara = NPS-1 TO NPS-12

unknown = NPS-13

Aurora = NPS-14 TO NPS-20

NPS-13 the only unknown, and it's odd how the two FAM sets aren ...

Interesting observation that I think is adding to the jump when starting.

It appears that the 30 motor is driving on the rear driving wheel and that due to 'slop' in the siderods, the rear wheel be ...

Rerun of End Platform Cars announced. Includes varnished set and various Way & Works vehicles.



[quote=Poath Junction]IP/Ghan carriage pre-order discount ending soon, models expected to be available late July.

In the time since these models were announced we've seen the prototype IP using ex So ...

All SDS newly tooled NR's are now available, except the Great Southern NR30 & NR31 still expected March 2020.


Pretty sure I got the last one at 10am on Saturday but it always pays to give them a call and check



Sounds right, I got one friday and there was one left.

More on  ...

One left as of 1:30pm today.


SDS now showing the two Great Southern liveried NR's (NR30 and NR31) on their new NR Page available to order.

DC versions ETA March 2020.


Looking for a Southern Rail Models SMR10 Class - Number 30 in Maroon

Wanting brand new condition in box, no sound.

PM if you have one that you would like to sell.

A sound one would be an opti ...

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