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The 422's are looking quiet good, looks like i'll get one or two of them. The WTY/NGTY grain wagons are also looking good.

G'day all, For christmas, I got Auscision Models Pack 1 of the E carriages, they are very good and i brought my self two 44 classes (4473 and 4468) They look really good as well, Also brought some NHD ...

Problem Solved, We're on our way nicely, I don't see anything wrong with the pass view.

Looks nice, where's the MX's and the rubbish on the seats??  Razz

Your talking about the OBs ... OBFs are 4 wheelers (SAR version of the GY)

Doh, thats right, i couldn't find anything about the OBF on the site though

When do they arrive?... I cannot wait!... I will be getting 2-3 packs!

They are out now, i have 2 packs of the AN AOGF wagons.

Posted 16 Dec 2011 14:39 in Victoria by G516

Hey all, some sightings from the past few weeks.

They're on my facebook. December 10th at Mi ...

Anyone got their E cars yet? I've ordered set 1. The original VR crimson lake. Looking forward to them.

Well, i've already ordered a set of E carriages from Auscision for christmas. I would love a full time job to keep up with all the new products that are being released so i can afford them.

R's wou ...

Hey all, since fotopic has been shut down or now no longer exists, i've been putting my pics on facebook.

I went to Sydney for a few days in early December, here is an album full  of pics from Sydn ...

Posted 05 Nov 2011 01:31 in Victoria by G516

Delays between Pakenham and Officer.  Someone has tied a dog to the tracks and the poor animal has been hit.




Some brainless twirp. Bloody idiots people who hurt an ...

Does anyone know when they are getting the other wagons that are still there? Does anyone know if the VHBF rice wagons will be used again? Or will they get coded to something else?

For anyone interested, tonight's Long Island was pretty short (the one that leaves about 11:00 or there abouts), only 8 wagons (6 of them loaded), double BL. Might be longer on the way back though.

I've ordered 4 packs of the GY wagons so far, and then i am going to get an E car set (or 2) in December. Very Happy Looking forward to them.

The Z carriages are looking really good there J514, keep up the nice work. Looking forward to seeing some more pictures and more info about them as they get closer.  Smile
Any plans to do any other v ...

Hey everyone, i have a CP power van in WCR livery and i was wondering what bogies would suit it best? I am also wanting to convert it to a PCP. Would that just involve renumbering??

I'm looking forward to seeing more about the Vlocity trains.

I saw the VSX samples at Caufield, and they look really nice. Going to order them hopefully around christmas time.  Smile

Hey, i have a CP van in WCR livery, i was wanting to put bogies under it and possibly convert it to a PCP. What bogies would i need for it? Would the Trainorama ZLP ones be the same basically? Thanks  ...

I wish I had that sort of expenditure!! Has he got a flour mill and some FJ / FX wagons?

At the moment he has 2 levels on his layout and I told him to build a 3rd to fit some grain silos in...  Confused  ...

Just ordered 11 of the new wagons, the 3 T vans plus some more U vans. Now gotta pay it off, and then some E cars when they come. Smile
By the way, the N cars are looking great.

The E cars are looking really good. Looking forward to them, i hope i'll have enough to get a set and 2 spares.

One of the 7 was on the 6:49 Alamein tonight

There's at least 2 sets at Newport, the rusty one, and then one which isn't too bad, been stored in East Block as far as i know.

Just for anyone interested 21M-22M-23M and 24M's are now in service, so there's 6 of the second gen X'traps in service

Posted 16 Jun 2010 14:06 in Melbourne suburban by G516

Saw EM100 passing through Flinders Street platform 6 and 7 yesterday. Heading outbound somewhere.

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