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Posted 27 Jan 2020 21:30 in News by Gman_86

What does January 26th mean to me? The anniversary of the day the English arrived to start a prison in what we now call Sydney. As a Victorian, it doesn't resonate with me one bit.

Am I going to f ...

The cull continues.

H4 and a Y (165 maybe?) have met the torch in North Geelong and are now no more.

Posted 24 Dec 2019 17:27 in Victoria by Gman_86

[b][i]1. How much will it cost to keep the 8km stretch of railway via Bungaree up to a safe standard?[/i][/b]

I would have thought too much.

[b][i]2. How likely is it that there will be an accide ...

Posted 15 Dec 2019 20:31 in Victoria by Gman_86

Gee that new overpass at Ballan really sticks out like a hideously sore thumb. Same goes for the one at Bacchus Marsh.

Would it have killed them to put a bit of colour into these structures? A bit  ...

[quote=route14]I remember watching the SG trains departing Spencer Street. The Melbourne Ghan departed at around 22:15 while the Overland left at around 20:30 on days on which it operated. When the ...

So this service is running at an escalated frequency, the Maryvale Paper train is showing no signs of slowing, the cement train is about to be extended to run from Dandenong to North Shore and the Den ...

VL lead the westbound today.
VL358 led QBX005 & QBX001 with 40 wagons in tow.

Information via Gheringhap Loop website.

[quote=justapassenger][quote]Anything that gets more trucks off the road between Adelaide and Melbourne can't be a bad thing.[/quote]Based on the attempts of QRN/Aurizon and GWA to compete on the Melb ...

[quote=Jack Le Lievre][quote]Which terminal is this train running to in Adelaide?

Do QUBE have their own rail accessible terminal in SA?[/quote]Yarp, Mackenzie Intermodal Terminal Siding, Outer Hab ...

Which terminal is this train running to in Adelaide?

Do QUBE have their own rail accessible terminal in SA?

When I travelled on The Overland from Adelaide this week, the way it was put by the staff on board was that there is a section of 1 carriage that is booked by V/Line and that those seats are then avai ...

Posted 29 Nov 2019 17:30 in Victoria by Gman_86

[quote=bevans]The latest view of Bacchus Marsh Railway Station. Note the turntable still in place to the left which is good news. Would love to see the K's out there for a run to the Marsh at the ne ...

Posted 29 Nov 2019 17:10 in Victoria by Gman_86

More driver training runs again today, with N452, N456, N472 and N473 all running solo return trips between Caroline Springs and Parwan Loop just like yesterday.

No excuses, should be right to go c ...

Posted 28 Nov 2019 12:43 in Victoria by Gman_86

Driver training runs have been in operation today between Caroline Springs and Parwan Loop, utilising N455, N456 and N472

There have been fatal strikes at this crossing in the past. I believe this to be the the reason this crossing is on the list. ...

A theory/idea:

If the subsidy for The Overland were to be pulled by the Andrews Government:

V/Line could purchase or lease the cars currently used by Journey Beyond on The Overland for use on a  ...

Here's my 2 cents worth.

Last Tuesday I travelled on The Overland for the first time, from Southern Cross to Adelaide. Then on Monday this week, I returned to Melbourne again on The Overland. Both  ...

Posted 27 Nov 2019 12:58 in Melbourne suburban by Gman_86

Why is this not what we're aiming for?

Ok, I'll bite.

Quadruplicate the ENTIRE network.

This is ridiculously simplistic. Where to begin? For a start, many s ...

Grade separating problematic level crossings is a priority yes. This crossing is in no way a problem for anybody. Therefore there is no valid reason to remove it.

Focus your effort elsewhere where ...

[quote=Myrtone]Upon this grade separation, how about also closing the level at Giffard street, the part north of the railway being renamed Electra street? That level crossing is very quiet and only on ...

Posted 11 Nov 2019 17:01 in Victoria by Gman_86

I was hoping to list all the V/Line stations that have PSOs stationed on a nightly basis.

As far as I know, all Metro stations have PSOs positioned after 6pm or there abouts, V/Line stations are a  ...

Posted 05 Nov 2019 13:59 in Victoria by Gman_86

Would this be a reference to W class trams?

[quote=The Vinelander][quote][url=]

Some interesting locations in that mix. Woul ...

Posted 23 Oct 2019 20:18 in Victoria by Gman_86

Agreed, but there’s not much to be done – that’ll take the RRL up to what, 18tph? Not sure it can handle much more than that without total collapse.
Currently, in the afternoon pea ...

Posted 22 Oct 2019 21:04 in Victoria by Gman_86

Are we to assume this will also mean the introduction of Metro trains on this section?

The line to Melton has been duplicated. Not Electrified.

Cobblebank station has nothin ...

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