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Which is why I seek the counsel of experts in the field - people actually doing it.  I will report back once I get n>1 Smile
Gremlin - take a look at the advice here on page 51 of t ...

As I see it the big loss is not the T or the P but the fact that Austrains was designing the tooling to do the "standard" Clyde G 8 and G 12 as well as the VR versions. This would have provided a mo ...

And would you believe?

Posted 08 Dec 2011 16:18 in Model Railways - General Discussions by JLB51

What is an IDC?  I tried Google but none of the answers there fitted the bill.  The C is most likely connector, but I and D have me stumped.

If you had known and instead googled "Suitcase Connector ...


I notice in most of the demos that the driver will "pulse" the throttle in the opposite direction to slow or "pulse" up to go faster. Why is this and what does it actually do?


I actua ...

Hi all,

....... would this work on a Bachmann DCC controller with other non live steam engines?

Has anyone done this themselves?



This modification is not going to work with a ...

David, try  for a commercail unit


If I'm not mistaken, this unit only works for DC. I think David is looking for some way to detect the dire ...

Posted 03 May 2011 23:21 in Model Railways - General Discussions by JLB51

You are also going to have to define "quality", is it:

longevity as an operational model;

running (smooth to rough);

fidelity to prototype;

any more please.



- out the box quali ...

Wonder if the couple have one on the mantle yet.....

They will probably place it along side the (Chinese made) souvenir mug - see here: ...

I wonder if Ron still accepts Bankcard?

I don't think Ron is alone in not updating his literature to delete the Bankcard symbol. I'm sure I've seen it recently in other ads in AMRM.

Not sure about i ...

Using the Aux-Box would have cost you a small fortune in any case as it only controls 8 tracks for around $120 (plus shipping). You would need 4 or 5!

I thought that this device was worth highlight ...

Isolate your TT bridge from the radiating tracks (ie. Make sure there is a slight air gap between the bridge and radiating tracks) then feed all of your radiating trackage with DCC as normal and feed  ...

Hasn't Hornby stopped making these? If so, you had better save up quickly while there's still 1 or 2 left Smile


Perhaps the key issue here is that if the booster is designed to limit the short circuit current to 3.2 amps, it is rather unwise to use a power supply which is not capable of supplying this current s ...

I've never had a problem with runaways - probably because, as you say Tony, I have DC mode turned off.

The more usual problem is that you have a loco sitting on the turntable feeder track and you s ...

Just to be very clear, if you wire the LED's in parallel, they each need separate series resistors.

Wiring them in series is Ok electrically - but you will have no way to adjust the brightness of  ...

The next issue is that you have set CV02 to 10 volts as the starting voltage, set this to 0. Do the same with CV05 and CV06, set them to 0. You have set CV29 to the correct value.

The values you pl ...

I have set the following CV02 - 10

                                  CV03 - 0

                                  CV04 - 0

                                  CV05 - 100


I don't think they are too far behind in the overall scheme of things:

I think the v4.0 info may only be on the German language version of the site so far, but with a little translation help: ...

Posted 21 Sep 2010 14:36 in Model Railways - General Discussions by JLB51

Are there others who've paid a deposit and haven't recieved their final payment form? I'm a little concerned considering that lustychant recieved his over a month ago.

You are not alone!

I paid my d ...

An update from The Blacksmith is well overdue Smile


I am a supporter of Richard at DCC Concepts whenever I can - but for T Class sound, in my opinion, you really should contact Mike (Mansfield) at DCCSound. They are the specialists for real  ...

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