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Sounds like a crackin' good time. Smile

Apparently, the service will be crewed by Lithgow.  I speculate that the fare will change to something more reasonable when NSW Trains split from CityRail.

http://www.spiritofdistinction.orgDistinguished ladies, honorable gentlemen, airship pirates, mad scientists, general scallywags and steamy adventurers all:You are cordially invited to join us in an evening  ...



I knew something like this would happen, CityRail knew way in advance this was coming. Trees have fallen onto tracks before and caused delays (many times), that arguably IS endurable. However if no ac ...

A thousand apologies for the delay. I got distracted by the mrs having a baby (minion #2 Razz ).

Bell was the answer I was looking for.

Over to franfran.

Ring me for a pretty good time


What a pretty loco...

Beautiful photos. Smile
Thanks for posting, Sydney Gunzel.

Posted 30 Dec 2010 12:33 in The Lounge by JatzCrackers

Do pictures exist of the armored train he's supposed to use when traveling to China & Russia? I tried google but only got stuff from WWI & II, and this: ...

8032-9032, V92

8033-9031, V93

8035-9035, V94

8036-9036, V95

Are the permantly coupled sets to go.

Which I believe should be retained and used on the 2-car runs on the Newcastle-Morriset-Sydney  ...

Nice pics, Newington.

Maybe the cities are clearer. Resolution is worse on nearmap for Lithgow than google.

Posted 09 Sep 2010 10:51 in The Lounge by JatzCrackers

Anyone got a 1930 Australian penny? I'll give you two bucks for it.

Curses!  Razz

Posted 08 Sep 2010 23:23 in The Lounge by JatzCrackers

Anyone got a 1930 Australian penny? I'll give you two bucks for it.

Looks like fun to play with. Smile

What Mudcrabs did is a trivial infringement and seems to have been blown out of all proportion by some people here.


"let he who is without sin, cast the first stone"

Should we cast thes ...

Some kits are of specific prototypes and are replicas.

Some, like engine sheds, are often just typical examples.

Which of these would count as original?

For such a minor breach of copyright, I believe it would be better to wait for objection from the injured party. If there's an objection from whoever manages Airfix, remove the offending material, apo ...

My secondment to Wollongong commences on Monday; I only hope I can remember everything I learned way back then.... Shocked
Congrats on the secondment, wurx. Enjoy your sleep in henceforth!

Those wacky Germans! Here are two versions of Trans Europa Express, one in German and one in English, with different clips. Both are intresting in their own way.

Featuring TEE train and some random ...

Posted 25 Aug 2010 23:58 in The Lounge by JatzCrackers

I shave once a month, whether I need it or not (not very hairy).

1% risk is very good you cant avoid every accident in the real world things will allways go wrong from time to time. You just live with it people have operated like this for thousands of years and got ...

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