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Posted 24 Jun 2019 16:40 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by K160

[quote=The_trolley][quote]More work was required than initially thought. Loco needs New turbo IRRC and a few other bits.[/quote]

No derrrrrrrr.

The right people knew this all along. Others chose t ...

Posted 18 Jul 2018 13:54 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by K160

That old chestnut... It was only a matter of time before someone rolled that one out without any knowledge of my or anyone elses backgrounds.
Yeah and for a reason. You never ...

Posted 16 Jul 2018 15:41 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by K160


Can you forward that information to Bernie Baker? I ask because it’s obvious he did no research other than consulting a Dulux colour chart.

What a horrendous waste o ...

[quote=Showtime][quote][quote]Why are people still harping on about a comment I made in regard to modifying the frame to suit the boiler.[/quote] Simple - it is a stupid idea.

[quote]Whilst I know ...

The website isn't out of date. You will always note this on Steamrail Brochures above the times:

Subject to change, please confirm 2 days before departure.

Given they put  ...

[quote=pheonics][quote]I don't remember how long ago it was, but I seem to recall that these carriages did some runs south out of Seymour down towards the Goulburn River, and back again - steam hauled ...

There should be not trouble with room at Seymour. Remember the 2001 run with K183-R707-R711-R761. There was room around the turntable to stable and water the engines (a gin was provided to water at le ...

[quote=Valvegear]Back in the 1970's, K184 seemed to do a good job. I took my (then young) sons to Daylesford behind it.

I also seem to remember it was 184 that brought 190 back to Melbourne for rest ...

Nice to see a couple of people ran with this. I whipped it up last night as a last minute thing. Plenty believed it haha.

Posted 31 Mar 2015 22:35 in Victoria by K160

From what I have read the brief for the H-class was that they were designed to climb Ingliston Bank with the Overland at a speed no slower than 20mph. So it comes as no suprise that 220 could make up  ...

Where would you like to put it K 160?
Maryborough would be one spot. Tocumwal could be another. Deni could get by if a triangle was installed in the future.

It was installed and opened in 1998 (ex-Inglewood I believe). Steamrail ran up with R766 to commission it. There are better places they could put it IMO.

Posted 31 Mar 2015 19:29 in Victoria by K160

[quote=woodford]The Mallard has 80 inch drivers and managed 126mph, H220 has 67 inch drivers so that puts it somewhere just over 105mph, it being quite clear H220 had plenty of high end power.

Note ...

A return of the Climax to a duty it did before the latest overhaul. Only difference is that it only used to haul the train between Belgrave-Menzies Creek.

Cannot see the image. Just black with a waiting logo.

It was a well organized event. Thanks must go to the people involved.

Photos via this link:

Video via this link: ...

ps could a RX run at VGR ?

Possible, I don't think an Rx has the same loading gauge issues as a 520 or 620. Cost is always a factor.

I've seen a BGM N-class kit go for that sort of money. If they are no longer in production (unless SEM gets a minimum of 20 orders to do another run) then you cannot be too choosy about the price I gu ...

Something to be said about buying things while you can still get them...

The N-scale one represents Mallard in British Railways express passenger blue livery with it's later BR number 60022. Try this link for the blog.

6029 came down to Victoria in 1980 IIRC. Ran parallel with K153 from Albury to Wangaratta.

Waking up a 10 year old thread for that. surely starting a new one would have been better Wink

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