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Posted 01 Aug 2019 22:27 in Victoria by L-1172


Do you mean 120 mph or 120 kph?

Lang Lang?

Youanmite on the Dookie to Katamatite line?

That bridge is of the type on the Picola and Colbinabbin lines.

I'll have a go at Nathalia.

Thanks. I have nothing to put up at the moment so I declare 'open floor'.


Glen Forbes?

This photo has been put up before. I think it is the Wonthaggi line and I will have a go at Kernot.

I could be wrong but it looks like somewhere in south-west Victoria. I'll have a go at Vasey, on the old Balmoral line.



In November 1979, a 'C' class would regularly haul a morning 'up' passenger train from Bacchus Marsh to Spencer Street. The train would be made up of lightweight wooden BPL/BCPL carriages. The loco wo ...

Here are two of my photos of the Donald train back in 1979.

DRC 42 and 30MT depart Bacchus Marsh on the 'down' at 2:26pm.

[url=][img] ...

Posted 30 Apr 2018 23:33 in South Australia by L-1172

I was the Special Trains Officer for V/Line back in 1994 and did the majority of the timetabling work for the Victorian section of this tour with 621. Here is one of my photos of 621 being coaled in A ...

Posted 02 Feb 2018 14:42 in Victoria by L-1172

Surveying work was being undertaken on the north side of the rail line at the base of the Toolern Creek bridge at Melton at lunchtime on Saturday the 27th of January, 2018 when I was driving past. A n ...

Isn't R766 an oil burner or has it been converted back to a coal burner?

Thanks mikesyd. I don't have a photo ready to go at the moment so I will declare 'open floor'.

Is it the bridge over the Boosey Creek at Tungamah, Yarrawonga line?


Thanks,  LancedDendrite. I have nothing to put up at the moment so 'open floor'.

Daylesford - former junction of line to Newlyn and North Creswick?



Lang Lang?

Thanks mikesyd. I had a go recently with one of my pics so I'll declare 'open floor' so someone else can have a go.


Brunswick Street level crossing - Inner Circle railway at Fitzroy?

You suspect right, Valvegear. It is indeed Yarram - looking towards Melbourne.  My photo was taken in 1987, about six months before the line was closed.

Staff to Valvegear.

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