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[b]2 x IDR 36' sleeper wagons (fishbelly type)[/b]

Unused kits, less wheels.

Have three different decal sets you can choose from (see photo).

Price includes postage.

PM if interested.

[b]$90 ...

*** SOLD ***

I have four (4) Loksound V3.5 sound decoders for sale. All are as new and never been installed and have flying leads with 8 pin plugs. Each decoder also comes with a 100 ohm, 22mm spea ...

Poath is slipping!!

48 and 830 class product pages now up on the website. ...

[quote="linton78"]I am sure there was an article on how to represent NSWGR varnished passenger coaches in an AMRM issue and from memory Tamiya Smoke was used. Once again, from memory, it was brushed o ...

I've used it to represent oil/fuel stains when weathering diesel locos.  Brush it on straight from the bottle.

Totally agree with you there Iain.

I sent a few emails over the last few months enquiring about where the DEB sets are up to and am yet to receive a reply.

His communication certainly is very po ...

We're curious now, what's the difference between the JLX's & NJLX's carriages?
"Newcastle Express"

I will stand corrected, but the only difference is the coding.  JLX is pre 1979/80  ...

[quote=gw0071]Hate to bring it up here (I refuse to participate in lowbrow Facebook banter) but has anybody had any 'luck' corresponding with Auscision over the past month? Previously I have generally ...

Hi all,

If anyone is interested and doesn't already know about it, there is another Branchline Modellers Forum being held in Coffs Harbour NSW on 21 and 22 November.

For those of you who attende ...

Website still not live.  Just a domain hosting parking page.
Works for me. Order form downloaded.



Interesting...tried three different browser ...

[quote=Poath Junction][img][/img]

Yummy or what! Full details covering liveries, pricing ($220 pre-orders, ...

Looking for Trainorama/Columbia Models BWH or FWH wheat hopper packs if anyone has any to spare.

Please PM me.


Does anyone have an Auscision 4531 they would like to swap for either 4507 or 4520?

Indian Red only.

PM please.

[quote=bjviper]Thanks Luke. I checked Bunnings and Masters near me today but neither had any. Will keep an eye out in the future though.

Here's the product page for the foam - http://www.knaufins ...

It's on the home page, down the bottom.


Thanks Michael.

That's a great place to put it, isn't it!!  The  ...


Hit f5 to refresh page (certainly needed that) to get the latest.



Tried that on three different browsers.  Still not updating.  Same even after clearing the cache.


The latest news letter has been uploaded to the site for those who haven't seen it yet.
Website still shows latest issue as #29 Oct 2014.

Trainorama guards vans for sale.

NVMF 12769 (Red "R" logo and silver roof)

NVMF 11623 (NSWR Romboid logo and silver roof)

NVMF 12718 (L7 logo and silver roof)

NVMF 12299S (L7 and silver roof)


[quote=FirstStopCentral]Auscision have posted today (28/1) that the 45's have just arrived today and are now being packed for dispatch. There must have been a last minute holdup, but sounds like they ...

### SOLD ### 6/2

I have 2 x CLASSIC BRASS MODELS "JHG" Brake vans for sale.  Built by Yulim of Korea.

#1 is No. 141 out of 150 with certificate and "141" scribed underneath model. ...

In saying that, adding sound to eight 48 class models would get pricey, hey Liverpool Range ha ha!



So true Linton.

Let alone the other 4 x 48's I plan to get f ...

Received my eight 48's yesterday, and I must say, they are very nice. Detail is nice, paintwork and lining is crisp and clear. Looking forward to weathering them up.

[img]https://liverpo ...

Just out of curiosity, were all 48's delivered with the coat of arms oval "mounting" on the short hood that stood proud of the angled front?

Reason I ask is that some pictures of 4817 and 4819 on a ...

[quote=railmod]I rang the shop earlier today to enquire about the 48's and was told that they will be arriving spread over a couple of shipments, apparently one ship is due here in the next few days, ...

Anyway, I had a call from a bloke at Trainorama on Friday and was advised the "end price" (or over-the-counter price) of the Trainorama 48 class locos will be $325-!!!


WO ...
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