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Must admit I'm a little shocked! I feel sorry for the members that are honest and decent and do the right thing. ...

Thanks for the pics also enjoyed the Bacchus Marsh Trip images.

With the success and deliveries of new Vlocity DMU's starting to arrive (with more to follow) what could be the future of loco-hauled passenger services in Victoria?

Posted 09 Sep 2010 21:43 in Victoria by ML2

The 1528 South Geelong didn't eventuate yesterday (08/09) due to an A blowing a fuel pipe. Apparently three Aclass locos attempted to get the service running but no go and I did not see it pass Newpor ...

Posted 08 Sep 2010 23:59 in Railway Photography by ML2

Ok, I'll start this off. Rail related pics 'then and now' at the same location over time.

S302, A62 Spencer St 1990

N454 & ...

Apart from one or two most crossings between Royal Park and Batman were gates right up until 1998. During the 80's Saturday trains stopped running around 6pm and no trains at all on Sunday's or public ...

Is that little Wharf station still there?

Why else would you spend 2 to 3 hours a day travelling to work?

Most people in Melbourne have to spend that amount of time travelling on packed and uncomfortable trains/trams and buses anyway.

This is interesting, wonder if it has occurred in Victoria?

Posted 04 Sep 2010 11:36 in Victoria by ML2

Posted 04 Sep 2010 11:33 in Victoria by ML2

Posted 03 Sep 2010 21:25 in Victoria by ML2

N453 was sighted through Wandong just after 1400. It was flying through at high speed and looked rather lonely without a consist behind it.

We really do need to see an A2 steam loco in action again and it will be worth the wait. Considering their history I'm surprised one has not been restored sooner.

Hi all,

I've started a Facebook group page for fans of VR Bulldogs (Bclass, Sclass, Aclass). I'm looking for technical drawings and info to include on the site.

Feel free to add your 'Bulldog' im ...

Will paying passengers be forced to pick up the extra cost of policing heritage trips I wonder?

Posted 27 Aug 2010 21:24 in Victoria by ML2

Any idea where the Apex train was hiding today? It was missing from its 1500 or so path through Albion!

People need to be aware of the rules, follow the rules and if they do not they need to be reported to the authorities to investigate. Its really quite simple. There is no need to to tear your heart ou ...

I wonder how many people were injured at Aus Steam 88...I'm tipping not one! Kids were even allowed to climb on the locos!! Fun times

Warragul 1990, things have indeed changed...

Some good points above but unfortunately it is nothing new, I remember an account of a woman committing suicide on a heritage special back in the '70's at Nunawading.

I can imagine that a lot of farmers were put out by the noise, maybe that guy blockading the line was a farmer? lol

Really silly behaviour considering standing along the line like that produces more often than not an average shot.

Interesting that they should choose the same day as a Heritage Special.

Posted 21 Aug 2010 22:39 in Victoria by ML2

Thanks historian, very informative. Smile

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