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G'day all

ALWAYS look forward to these prior to every Australia Day ever since he started making them. Now for this year's! Smile

Don't worry about the ignorant ones, Maikha; concentrate on the people who like and respect you.

You're welcome in Victoria.Thanks Valvegear.

Sadly, I hear and encounter more of the former than th ...

Was it at Tallarook?

If so, Bruce McLaren would love to know about that, and whom did it.

Somewhat outraged by that treatment I am, and I know Bruce would be also.

What is ''AusLoco''?Yes, it ...

Posted 14 Jan 2011 09:04 in Victoria by Maikha

Well no P Classes are headed to Steamrail!

I can confirm this much on behalf of Steamrail. That was on Page 1.Noted, and I suspect this will be the same outcome with SRHC and 707 Ops.

It was mo ...

I was approached by someone there, verbally abused and told to "get the f*** off out of Victoria".

Charming. Sounds like there's at least one angry little person there.

No wonder railfans have a ...

Driving through Leichhardt yesterday, I was absolutely stunned and in disbelief of the amount of 'Eco Alliance Party' yellow signs on Telegraph poles all over this area with


What do you have to loose by just turning up for say half an hour to see what is going on there?I did in June 2007, and I was approached by someone there, verbally abused and told to "get the f*** off ...

I can't think of any professional cameraman that would want a rectal shot... of anyone Razz
I can... :PBy all means tell me who and which channel they worked for.

Posted 14 Jan 2011 08:23 in Victoria by Maikha

Has there been any confirmation yet? 3 Pages now and nothing.

It has been reported in one of the railway magazines that a P class member it to head to one of the heritage groups can anyone shed any ...

Nice to see some QLDers still have their sense of humour!Absolutely agree. Even with the suffering and the affect this is having on Queenslanders, I sincerely hope this isn't lost at all amongst it al ...

Posted 14 Jan 2011 07:55 in Queensland by Maikha

[edit]Now is NOT the time to discuss and criticise politics, insurance companies and play the finger pointing game, when 15 lives have been lost and many others are suffering. This is very unfair, inc ...

Thread open to allow rational responses to be made.

[edit]I'm just going to say very carefully and tactfully, and just get this out of my system before it goes any further, that our priorities should lie with the Queenslanders who've lost their homes a ...

I have, however, had more than enough experience with being filmed for the news,along with having cameras shoved in my face and having some idiot screaming because "they know the law," even though the ...

Well done to CH9 and a bit later CH7 for their indepth coverage.....seems CH10 and ABC could not be bothered. :evil:ABC have ABC24, which I'm certain has coverage across affected areas.

Thread moved.

Posted 10 Jan 2011 21:16 in New South Wales by Maikha

I did the course with then Australian Rail Training (Which has since become National Rail Training), in Parkes, which is the alternative to the SCRT course. Although I'm not employed in the industry,  ...

R761, we, and the folks at SRV I'm sure, are still waiting for your apology. Right now, you're proving us correct at how pathetic you are at running and hiding from doing so  Evil or Very Mad

Posted 09 Jan 2011 09:14 in New South Wales by Maikha

That's a nice view from the top of the Rock isn't it? Smile

Indeed!  Was rather a hot walk up there yesterday, but pleasant nonetheless!An Ex-Missus and I did the walk up there a few years ago. It took  ...

Posted 09 Jan 2011 04:15 in New South Wales by Maikha

That's a nice view from the top of the Rock isn't it? Smile

Posted 07 Jan 2011 18:39 in The Lounge by Maikha

If the world is going to end in 2012, could someone PLEASE confirm it so that I can take out a bank loan?

Posted 07 Jan 2011 14:08 in Railpage Australia™ by Maikha

Could Railpage Australia™ be at fault by running somethig not Mac / iPhone compatible?No, because it works fine on all my Mac equipment.

Posted 05 Jan 2011 20:51 in New South Wales by Maikha

For the closet road geeks interested, a great article can be read on the Bells Line of Road, with patches of stuff about the Richmond Bridge, can be found here: ...

I like the P42s Teditor! Very Happy
When I went gunzelling over in the states on the North East corridor, that's all I pretty much saw, and became fond of them! At present in the drawers I have the current ...

The state of play up to the 2008 AGM was the group had split in 2007 with half the membership walking away. This was a blessing as they were group with in the group and things actually improved.Was th ...

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