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I take you started then?

hows your course going?

Sorry, I have been so flat out with the course I hadn't been on since September eeep!

The course is good, VERY stressful; esp ...

Anyone starting at the end of this month?? (September 30th)

[quote=GvhftrKijl]Welcome to Driver Training.

Your normal classroom hours will be typically 8 til 4 unless the Training Officer indicates otherwise.

I'd answer your question about differing star ...

what are the tentitive dates? how long is your wait?
Tentative means that you are given the dates you should be starting but that it isn't 100% locked in yet, so you may start in  ...

Have they told you which course?
They have told us "tentative" dates.

An email went out to everyone the other day.

Yes, you do. You'll be told when your holidays are during your induction.
Thanks heaps for that Smile I suspected as much, but didn't want to assume.

Yes Huck I have been to a ...

Might be a silly question, but just wondering if while we study we have any assigned time off during the course?

I am just trying to work out when to take my holiday. I am obviously going to take a w ...

[quote=Huck]Michy, I spoke to this person over the weekend and they told me that there was still no progress.

I asked whether they had made any contact themselves and they said that they had made a n ...

Perhaps they should make a phone call then, waiting isn't going to get you anywhere, and there has been at least one Assessment Centre since March that I know of - medicals etc...

Seems to be typical.

To quote a mate who works for them: "If he thinks that's bad, he might as well turn around now and never look back."
He would be correct, I also work ...


lol so any calls yet?

I was at the information session and yes we were told the next recruitment would be at the start of 2015.

I am just relaying what I was told, perhaps it is wrong information, but I am only going off  ...

Presumably this is a typo... 2014 may be true, 2015 is absolutely positively wrong...
mrbump is right, well at least according to the Information Sessions this year.

They wil ...

[quote=Huck]Can someone expand on the "dramas being put forward with the new training regime" theme please?

What are the dramas?

Have they stopped new courses?

What about courses already underway? ...

No no but I'm hoping soon!!! Surely they will have the next round soon. Smile

[quote=HyperRainbow]I got to the next stage fo[color=#5c5c5c][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]r Metro Authorised Officers and I have to do an online test which is called [/font][/color][color=#5c5c5 ...

Any phone calls yet? Smile

[quote=FullSeries]So he has done all the testing, and the information session - but the assessment center? So he got the call to attend the assessment center and thereon, the other checks and got the ...

[quote=mrbump]This interests me winnie. Your insider must know something mine doesn't. I was told that it could be a very long wait until they progress after the next couple of courses start, due to s ...

[quote=Devonstern]Ha ha. That was tongue in cheek Michy! I know there is one merit list.

There is no luck occuring here, 'cause I wont be seeing any assessment centres in the near future!

What I r ...

[quote=Devonstern]Oh - there must be two merit lists then lol... I was not invited to an information session, but have an email saying I'm on the merit list..extract from my email - "...requiring more ...

[quote=mrbump][size=3][font=Times New Roman][color=#000000]Interesting theory matey.... [/color][/font][/size]

[size=3][font=Times New Roman][color=#000000]considering if you read through the earli ...

[quote=GabRoo]In the earlier pages of this thread............someone said they test mathematics skills to year 11 level in earlier assessment it still the they ask ...

Thats fantastic Fish06! All the best.

I will be doing the same as mrbump haha.. waiting waiting..

[quote=mrbump]For my 2 cents worth, I'd like to point out that the OTT buff, and somebody who genuinely wants to drive trains are on the opposite ends if the scale.

Companies may not want to hire ...

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