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4 months late? Could be worse.. Victoria could've been ruled by the Libs and cancel all public transport projects because muh socialism.

How long before PN gives the XRs the jaws of death? Only 4 remain in service, 2 BG, 2 SG. The other 5 are in storage.

When Clyde Road starts to get the chop, is a Berwick station rebuild a part of the plan? I reckon if Berwick does get rebuilt, a third platform should be built for terminating services from Pakenham,  ...

Posted 29 Jun 2019 12:59 in Melbourne suburban by NR61

I wonder how the Hitachis fared on a class 1 main line track at maximum speed when they ventured out to Sunbury.

Now the HCMT would be interesting, their top speed is 130km/h. Smooth ride maybe. B ...

Posted 21 Jun 2019 17:01 in Melbourne suburban by NR61

Doesn't Werribee station stable one train + 3 carriages on platform 1 overnight? I sorta remember reading about that somewhere. Or is that no more?

We're the trains tested yesterday/all weekend? Happened to drive past the depot on the way to Warragul and back yesterday and it was empty.

Could this be considered obstructionism? Should see the Stonnington council sacked over this.

Since search is borked, I'll ask it. Once the Metro Tunnel opens, what becomes of platform 5 & 6 at South Yarra? Will V/Line stop there or will it be bulldozed or will it be fenced off until further n ...

I don't think this belongs here but I guess it actually does since it concerns the HCMT.

This may or may not be true but according to a forum poster in the train driving thread over at Whirlpool, M ...

Posted 09 Apr 2019 13:59 in Operators by NR61

CM class more like

Two Qube G's are operational, usually on quarry trains and other container trains but very rarely seen on the Maryvale paper train, which is nearly always hauled exclusively by both VL360 and VL356, o ...

**not my video**

Only seen one video online of the move

Here, right off VicSig

Posted 14 Oct 2018 18:31 in Operators by NR61

Seen on VicSig with two photos are SSR101 & SSR102 with grain wagons on 6SK1 empty Dimboola bound and 7KS2 on the return trip.

Posted 02 Apr 2018 18:56 in Operators by NR61

Having a gander at VicSig recently, Linx have acquired ex Aurizon locomotives G516 and G534.

The locomotive class leader should be preserved. Just like X31, N451 should be preserved. I'd say in V/Line Orange and Grey.

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