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Posted 10 Sep 2011 18:11 in New South Wales by NSWRTM123

CHP38 was also cream and blue when delivered, hence the name "Creamy Kate" IIRC.

Posted 20 Jul 2011 19:49 in New South Wales by NSWRTM123

Thank you very much for these shots. Some intersting shots, and some interesting modelling inspiration too 8) Interesting to note the fettler's trailer abandoned below the bridge in this shot: https:/ ...

IIRC, terminal cars are not strictly carriages with passenger and guard's accommodation; but any end carriage in a fixed carriage set; so the HS and HCX carriages wouldn't be terminal carriages as the ...

Disposition of survivng MALs is as follows:

MAL 541 (MFH 2725) - Glenmore Park; body used as a chapel at Caroline Chisholm College

MAL 565 - LVR, static

MAL 614 - DSR&M, exhibit

MAL 708 (MFA 2708) ...

Looks a lot like my workbench, except for the homework bit Laughing

Caught me out too; and I'm not even a VR modeller Laughing

Posted 19 Mar 2011 22:45 in New South Wales by NSWRTM123

Actually cooky; according to the article in issue 241 of AMRM, the RUB cars arrived in 1949 in Tuscan & Russet livery. In 1956, the Indian Red scheme was introduced. Some 1960s repaints had either the ...

Thank you Thumpa  Smile That will be very useful to my construction efforts.

G'day all,

Does anyone have good clear photos of the brake cylinder side of the underframe of the LLV louvre vans? I am having some difficulty sourcing good photos of this side.

Any assistance app ...

Mixy, thank you for pointing that out to me. I look forward to seeing future versions and the improvements they will bring.



even if the 57 was restored to running condition on the main line, and it could get to Thirlmere under its own steam, would it be able to fit in the roundhouse properly if they intended it for tours?  ...

In future, will there be a function to design custom radius/angle turnouts for those of us who plan to use hand laid track and turnouts?

Lettering appears to have been in standard fonts, probably standard colours too, except the PHGs which probably had black lettering, but in the normal font for guard's vans at the time.

The grey scheme was the scheme originally proposed. It was never applied in service.

Posted 23 Feb 2011 20:14 in New South Wales by NSWRTM123

Saturdays and Sundays are generally not as busy. 4464 and Raichase are right. Wednesday and Thursday is probably the best day.

It is definitely a Bergs PFH terminal car. Looking at the 2nd photo, it looks to me like the roof is the wrong way around. The end that curves downward should be at the end with the louvres on the sid ...

One last one from me:

Thirlmere goods shed.

From memory, there are at least two "dog-box" cars on display at Thirlmere, including a composite brake-van which occasionally escapes out on to the Loop Line on mixed trains.

Wrong. There are three  ...

I believe HS36 is to go to OTHR.

Posted 29 Jan 2011 18:15 in New South Wales by NSWRTM123

Sheds for dairy products and small parcels/goods were often provided on the platform of out of the way stations. Camden goods shed, while not on the main passenger platform varied in having it's own d ...

I have a short article on scratchbuilding a timber rail fence for a dirt and timber platform, and can make up a plan and cut list for a timber faced platform for you. If you haven't tried scratchbildi ...

GY3451, the timber poles actually would probably be better represented with as straight a wooden stick as you can find lying around the backyard or local park. As for the concrete poles, I'm not sure  ...

Posted 27 Jan 2011 18:09 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by NSWRTM123

Saw it on my lunch break at work this morning. Sounds a right beauty.

northman, I know for certain some rebuilt (welded) E class wagons were used for bogie traffic, as seen below:

Some retained their  ...

Steam Era Models are still around.

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