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[size=2][font=Calibri][b][u]ALL ITEMS NOW SOLD[/u][/b][/font][/size]

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[size=2][font=Calibri]Moving house and significantly downsizing the collection Sad..a ...

[quote=bevans]Bunbury Street caught this today which I believe is unusual for any crew car to come in and out of Melbourne.

An ...

I requested a refunded a month ago for the $100 deposit on the R Class....I guess I will have to wait 5 years for the refund to be processed!

So did I...

Hi Allan,

Any chance you can post a few pictures of your purchase?


Well its confirmed, starting early next year after the Jumbo's (STA 2000 class railcars) are released L&T will start production of IP, Ghan and Overland car kits. Pricing atm has been estimated at $55 ...

Hi Folks, Does any know if The Overland carriages have ever been produced in Brass or plastic (apart from the Lima carriages which are based on the SA and IP). I would really, really like to have an a ...

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