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Y109 will be painted Blue and Gold, no correspondence will be entered in too. END FORUM

whats happening at the yvr?

While remaining impartial with this comment -

Non profit organisations can make a profit and can employee people.

Non profit organisations cannot distribute profit to share holders or members of t ...

Has anyone seen this? Very funny

I am in for a million.  Laughing

Great work T356, those moulds lork fantastic.

Re: comments about rudeness, it would have been better that T356 stated that the company did not require more work straight up, having said that Mr. C ...


Don't have time for full response, but, the YVTR was not given any money.

The money was given to the shire of Lilydale and Healesville. They blew it not the YVTR!!!!!!!!!!!



$14 Million allocated to a rail trail in the middle of nowhere?

Commonwealth to fund fire region project

28 April 2009. Federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese has announ ...

Re: 4 days work at commercial rates maybe, a volunteer organisation will need more time than this to fix the tank espiecially with other competeing prioirities


Forgot to mention tanks, pumps and generators on site ready to go.

The tank is a good idea and is on the radar for repair.


Water Mains and fire hydrants already installed in thes locations - front of station, In No. 1 shed x 3, Along track opposite side of station x 3, Outside carriage shed in compound, Inside carriage sh ...

Still the international experience is a crock, it should read international profits.


Yep, I misread the article and your right it was misleading.

Here is the article

Despite service, Connex coins it

Clay Lucas

February 21, 2009

RAIL operator Connex earned $175 million in pa ...

I just don't get it?

Connex take home $700 Million per year. Kosky justifies this by stating that Vieola bring international experience to the Victorian System.


Every Manager at Con ...

Yes 516 was off loaded at Yering and towed to Healesville by W250 and T341. Yes it was in a Park, think it was Greensborough Park.

In relation to the condition J516, a volunteer has been assessing  ...

How much? A. Not for Railpage

Will this affect the current lease? No

Will it remain at VGR to the end of the lease?  Yes

Since I am a volunteer at YVTR all posts are some how relevant esp. wh ...

Can anyone tell me the date of Triple Headed Steam at Maldon last year?


T356, can you please tell me the web address for Peter J Vincent, I am interested to have a look. Is this the same PJV that is a connex driver?



The YVTR recently purchased a share of J541 thanks to the donation of one of the YVTR members.


SUCCESS, I cannot get him out of the garage.


Posted 03 Jan 2009 15:06 in Melbourne suburban by RM22

Can't argue with that, great idea.


Posted 03 Jan 2009 09:37 in Melbourne suburban by RM22

The Met, do you work in the media?

Why do you consisitantly take my comments out of context?

I like a good discussion but your methods of interpretation are either questionable or deliberate to smo ...

Posted 02 Jan 2009 09:33 in Melbourne suburban by RM22

Mr Met - you said

"These people are professionals - who can often make a career in such behavior. It's disappointing, but we cannot expect them to simply 'grow up."

PLEASE JUSTIFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ...

Posted 25 Dec 2008 17:03 in Melbourne suburban by RM22

Mr Met, I have many interests including trains, I have made my living from trains and in other professions. But why should I justify myself to you.

Why do you smypathise with these criminals? Have ...

PS. I am going outside to get the model layout going. Got to sell trains to my 2.5 y/o boy, it will be the first time he sees this. He has a fetish for cars but we can fix this model trains.


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