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Posted 03 Feb 2018 14:21 in Victoria by S301

This mornings 0700 down Warrnambool Pass was delayed at Waurn Ponds due to train not stopping at Sth Geelong.  Reports some passengers had to get taxi from Sth Geelong to Waurn Ponds to meet the train ...

Posted 29 Feb 2016 16:42 in Victoria by S301

Since when is BL32 on Standard Gauge??

Posted 18 Feb 2016 09:37 in Victoria by S301

Have heard that G531 is on a late running down 'Bool freight. Guessing that its in Geelong now? Should be on the 0930 path ex Nth Geelong.

Would be interesting to know rough guess at the costing between sky rail and four tack set up between Caulfield and Dandenong. Sky rail looks like a cheap two track only project.  Did think the sectio ...

Posted 16 Feb 2016 11:51 in Victoria by S301

A bit late, reports are that BL32 visit 'Bool last Tuesday and Wednesday on the freight.  Including a daylight run on the Tuesday, possibly in relation to the late running of the down morning pass tha ...

Posted 23 Dec 2015 16:15 in Victoria by S301

G524 ran Mondays Gheringhap cement shunt. Ran Light engine out of Nth Geelong yard.  Not sure if it made it to the cement works due to the derailment on Monday at Sth Geelong?  Doubt that it did.

Posted 23 Dec 2015 16:09 in Victoria by S301

G527 ran yesterdays late down 'Bool freight crossing N462 on the up pass at Camperdown around 1300. Due possibly to the derailment at Sth Geelong Monday.

Posted 23 Dec 2015 16:06 in Victoria by S301

Interesting to note that Saturdays morning down Warrnambool stops all stations from Tarneit to Waurn Ponds. Is also the first train out of a Saturday Morning on the down, on the Geelong line also.  ku ...

Posted 03 Dec 2015 10:34 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by S301

Having found the pic I was looking for, PH452 was the van seen that day. So safe to say the roller door mod may have/has been around since early this year.  Will ask, are PH vans rebuilds of D vans?   ...

Posted 30 Nov 2015 15:40 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by S301

Seen PH 454 today on the Up Warrnambool Pass with the roller door 'mod' also.  Pretty sure their has been a PH van with this 'mod' floating around since before the Avalon Airshow weekend.  Do remember ...

Posted 08 Oct 2015 18:36 in Victoria by S301

G528 on todays late down 'Bool freight, through Warncoort about 1115 this morning.

Posted 06 Oct 2015 15:18 in Victoria by S301

G531 on this mornings late down 'bool freight, seen passing through Sth Geelong just before 10am.

In regards to Colac turntable, it is currently under restoration. As for the access track, not all of it has been lifted only the last little piece at the table end. Pretty sure the points are still c ...

Posted 21 Apr 2015 10:05 in Victoria by S301

G536 on yesterday's late down 'Bool freight as well. Through Colac just before 11am.

Posted 03 Mar 2015 11:34 in Victoria by S301

G543 on last nights up bool freight crossing N458 at Warncourt loop.

Am keen to find out if anyone has a website or some info on the track diagram for the station area at Moriac?  Moriac still has the loading dock facing and buffer stop as well as the platform facing.

Anyone know who at PN to contact in regards to Purchasing a Loco out of the group at Nth Geelong?

Posted 24 Sep 2014 14:21 in Victoria by S301

A66 doing Radio testing to Warrnambool today, seen at Moriac about 11am on the down. Also N469 doing a driver training run(?) to the new Waurn Ponds station crossing G524 on the cement run at Geelong  ...

Posted 24 Sep 2014 14:17 in Victoria by S301

Seems they may have done a driver training run to the new Waurn Ponds station around 1015 yesterday morning using N469. Was noted back through Geelong after the 1018 up Marshall pass.

BL32 is on Broad gauge not SG.  BL32 has been like that for a while now.

Posted 05 Aug 2014 10:09 in Victoria by S301

Will put it out their if the new station at Waurn Ponds have a run around road like at Marshall? At this stage it looks like it wont/doesn't. Could this mean no loco hauled trains terminating their?   ...

Posted 27 May 2014 13:31 in Victoria by S301

Maybe this morning? Was a light engine move, may have been left in Nth Geelong Yard after the run yesterday Morning. Didn't hear/see the return run thinking some Cement pots may have been brought down ...

Posted 27 May 2014 13:03 in Victoria by S301

A71 was seen arriving into Marshall around 2215 last night on the up after a wait at the home signal.  Interesting to note A79 ran Light Engine to the Cement works around 2255 through Marshall last ni ...

Have always wanted to know what is left of R753? I know the boiler still remains, but is their anything else? Seeing that R700 will be restored soon is their much hope for R753?

Posted 25 Mar 2014 10:49 in Victoria by S301

Sunday saw N455 run light engine from Warrnambool towards Colac for Level Crossing testing, crossing N471 and three cars at Camperdown.  N455+N471 ran the up pass that night ex 'Bool.  Also A81 on Ghe ...

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