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hmm, cut your teeth in local government,  get your name out there in the area.  being mayor helps, then run for the state or fed seat... least then the towns around you know who you are!

Call Countrylink Wagga and ask to speak to Brian, otherwise msg me and ill get you there.

Blayney-Demondrille cost a lot to operate a/c light rail and steep grades. Narrandera -Tocumwal does not have the grades although near Ndera there is a bit of a hill. Perhaps regauging to BG and exten ...

The other week I was passing through Ben Bullen and noticed one of these white flashing signals at the southern end of the loop.  I also noticed something odd about the set of points there.  The poi ...

Hey Guys,

Just began to look at a new layout, so far i have decided from 50's to 70's fictitious NSW and VIC transshipping location. so far it looks like a smaller version of Albury Yard, ill get t ...

Scheduled to reopen at midday today.

Train was 8M25 work train - derailed in section between Broken Hill and Kinalung, but obviously kept going.

600 metres of broken sleepers plus other track da ...

I've heard that ARTC are going to be putting a shoulder-cutter between Albury and Donnybrook to try to get the ballast drainage running a bit better than current. This may assist in drying out the roa ...

Welcome Run,

This is a good forum to use, but always varify the information supplied to you.

This site has a lot of knowledgeable qualified workers, but has it's armchair warriors.

If you w ...

Sorry about the delay but I have only managed to find 2 of the photos.

The image with the crew has on the back


Posted 11 Feb 2011 11:05 in New South Wales by SafetyOfficer

notice the number four is done incorrectly on most clocks with roman numerals (even the big one at central)  Shocked
Unrelated, but on the Albury station tower clock, it reads 1,2,3,6,5,6 in roman  ...

Dave, thanks for that. i would be interested to see more photos of the day.

Does anyone know the type of Goods Shed that Grong Grong Had? im putting together some info for a model of the town.

Also, apparently the shot is at Wodonga depot. The engine appears unmodified, so it would be late 30's early 40's.

I posted this thread quite some years ago, unfortunatly the woman who had this hand painted picture made has recently passed. I would like to gain any more information or thoughts on it.

http://www ...

David spent up, maybe a little too much but he gave the boyz plenty of work and prepared the coal road for the next decade, best of luck to him.

I look at the cross section of replies and see quite ...

Westinghouse run a basic signalling course, doubt its online though.

Cudgewa was a tiny place (still is) - beats me why they didn't extend the line to Corryong which is a sizeable town

It's interesting how you say the line was used for the Snowy scheme, yet they did ...

If one wants to be pedantic, it is a locomotive, not an engine.



" ... Yesterda ...

I'm glad the gents at Oberon don't carry the attitude of some on this site. They had the idea, and its a few years down the track now, but they are throwing timbers under.... and have 2 locomotives, p ...

the whole set is in parkes yard.... herd they were waiting transfer to melbourne for an overhaul.

Expression of interest,

Lima XPT "Countrylink Livery"

1 x Power Car

4 x Pass Coaches

1 x Dummy Car

Purchased in 2001.... out of box, but never been fully run on layout. Pretty good cond ...

I would surmise that the locomotive was on-sold to pay off debts by the company benefactors or a credit agency.

Not correct rev, the loco (Number 5) was purchased privately, so when the TVSPS a ...

As was said previous, all the work with accreitation variation for infrastructure manager is the hardest part. ITSRR are giving great support, but there is a long road ahead before a train uses the li ...

1. A blacked out signal is to be treated as a Stop/Red signal.

2. A blackout usually will put signals to the default/safety Stop/Red indication.

3. A blackout will place all track circuits as sh ...

Posted 21 Sep 2009 12:36 in New South Wales by SafetyOfficer

Things are Moving along in Cowra, Setting up to be the 3rd largest Infrastucture Manager in NSW is quite a task!

If anyone was thinking of volunteering to the LVR, this would be the time to stand u ...

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