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Has the upgrade been commenced ?

Ross, Motor Inspection Car, MIC126 is a Morris, fitted with a Holden 6 cyl grey engine. If it had been a Ford, it probably wouldn't have been running on the day.
NG Sulzers
Yes well we a ...

[quote=Bevan Wall]Its been a very long time since I have sat at the top of Fassifern bank enjoying the sound of the bell birds and waiting for a Garratt.



[url= ...

[quote=apw5910][quote]So am i right in thinking 3016 and 6029? will be in Maitland tomorrow?[/quote]No. They may be at Hawkesbury River Thursday night & Maitland Friday night. Btw, the kettles are run ...

[quote=Spletsie]From the Steamfest website:


The 30th anniversary of Maitland Toyota Hunter Valley Steamfest will feature an attempted wo ...

It will be interesting to see how 3830 is progressing !

[quote=Valvegear][quote]At the risk of being tarred, feathered, locked in the stocks and rotten vegetables thrown at me, it could be standardised![/quote] And after we've finished that lot we'll reall ...

What is left to complete before a run with some carriages behind can be considered ?
It's a shame it will never run to Albury / Wodonga !

[quote=Driver667][quote]Great info.

From Seymour to where exactly will be the shuttles and is there a timetable ?[/quote]Southern Cross dep 08:08 ($59 return) (One way ticket $40)

Wallan dep ...

[quote=dthead]To have a loco replaced with that beast, what a bonus, and what a loco.....

And Sunday being fatherr's day I suspect the team also had fun, well I hope they did.


David H ...

Here's some video of the trip.


Bevan Wall
Fantastic Thank you Bevan!

[quote=safeworking]The reason 6029 had two diesels is that 4403 is not powerful enough to lift 6029 plus the train on a 1 in 40 grade. The diesels were powered for two reasons, there were concerns ab ...

The 59er has apparently been replaced with 3237.
Fireman Dave

It would be nice to see R766 there one day too......

as they say you never know what the future may bring!!!

Posted 20 Feb 2015 22:59 in ACT by Salty21

this popped up on flickr

From what I believe there is a lot of work that needs to be done, could be interesting Goulb ...

[quote=a6et]At what load?

I have worked on enough of them in my time, & on double lines with 1:40 grades on full loads very unpleasant to work & chocking with the fumes. Single line tunnel working ...

[quote=exarmidale]Site just released yesterday


A Garratt of a run!!!

[quote=a6et]The reason for that was the ruling that prevented a garratt working through single line tunnels owing to the safety of the crews, especially on heavy grades.

That ruling I imagine would ...

Posted 14 Dec 2014 11:12 in Operators by Salty21

[quote=Steve82]Hi everyone

I was reading ARHS ACT's monthly newsletter today and in it it said that Espee Rail has been successful in gaining a five year contract to haul containers from Canberra t ...

[quote=Bevan Wall]42101 put on an impressive display hauling six cars and 4501 to Moss Vale via Unanderra today.

There were quite a few people out chasing the trial so hopefully a few images will be ...

Wondering how the new ICE equipment is performing in the 32 class!

Posted 04 Nov 2014 19:18 in ACT by Salty21

[quote=LowndesJ515]Apologies for resurrecting this thread but I can't find any other thread for this locomotive (Besides the 40 thousand video's Bevan Wall has put up)

On Friday 31st October, 6029 ...

As these are "self-drive" how does the safeworking work?

Its an organized group a follow the leader type excursion!

Posted 11 Sep 2014 19:10 in Trams and Light Rail by Salty21

At least the video gives the people in Canberra what they might be getting!

[quote=oaksburyestate]Former Victorian Railways "Historical Display Carriage" 30 AV has been listed for sale on ebay. ...

Posted 03 Sep 2014 20:43 in ACT by Salty21

[quote=M636C]I joined a number of people following 6029 to Bungendore and back today, hauling 4403, 44208 an FS car, four Aurora sleeping cars, PHN and PHA, so about 565 tonnes at a rough guess. The t ...

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