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Posted 18 Oct 2008 17:00 in Victoria by Seal

As far as I remember, the Yapeet line was closed due to the bridge over the Wimmera river partially sinking or moving with high water flows, many, many years ago.

User called Party may be able to c ...

Posted 05 Jul 2008 21:53 in Model Railways - General Discussions by Seal

Hi All,

to address the original issue of loco's running at different speeds, you might like to think about this:

I avoided the situation by removing the drive worm on 7 of my Austrains T classes ...

Yep, I think all volunteers would like to do it as well. But unfortunately it aint allowed, unless income comes in hand.

However, some organizations can accept donations to be tax deductible.

ch ...

No metal wheels or chassis around for the crane missing it's bits.

No use for it anyway, deemed an OHS hazard.

Besides, there are plenty of other wooden wheel sets to be rebuilt.


But wait!

There's more.

2 bridge cranes.

about the same size as an 8W.

One is complete, the other is missing it's wheels.



you want picky?

CA 4 is not on the list as privtely owned.

HD 154 was converted from IA 13885 in 1959

GY's are 17001, 3612 and 16531

Tank wagon is 498Tank.


I have uploaded some more pics into my Fotopic galley

There are some ore pics of the ZLP in ation.




For Shunters Hand Rails I have used 10 thou/inch brass wire sold in Hobby shops or the thinnest guitar wire that from memory is around 0.02 of a millimeter. The guitar wire is very good as it can hand ...

What brand of bogies are they?


Ahhh, remind me not to hand you the drill...... and dont worry, plenty to prepare for paint, and i'm sure i can get you another job to do

You mean I'm the one who has to clean 5 ...

I saw these not so long ago. I think they represent the line about 5 years ago.

Slightly off topic, try searching Youtube for SNOWPLOGH

Some examples of how things can go wrong...

cheeers ...

I generally use a smear of silicon sealant.

Sounds odd I know, but it works. Best treat joints with care as they are liable to fall apart easier than, say, Araldite etc.


Finally got time to upload pics of the movement and loading onto the rail:



Built as 71BCPM. Entered Traffic 25.4.1917

Renumbered 364M 13.9.1921

Renumbered 1364M 11.2.1983

What are you going to use as transition vehicles ...

Bogies will remain for the time being under the Tait. Their fate may be decided sometime in the future should the need arise.

It seems much of the control equipment is missing from the Drivers Cab, ...

Mario from ATM will be leaving before 1200 Thursday for the trip to Maldon after he has finished with the Tait unloading at YVTR. He'll be at Maldon late afternoon I imagine.



since the news out there, I can confirm that Tait 1364M arrived by road this afternoon after a 2 day trip from Melaleuca, QLD.

It will be off loaded Friday morning at 0800.

Pics will be pos ...

The saying goes:

"I model 12 inches to the foot."


Oh Smeg, me...

In "N" scale world judging the size of the and next to a shunter step.. they would have ants which are the size are almost a metre long!  Shocked
Ants as big as dogs so to speak. ...

As you may have seen from pics in my gallery I'v posted in the past, I have 20 or so GY's with the yellow stripe on brown.

I didn't use tape as such. I used plastic sheet cut to form to build both  ...

Measured from the 38MP, the end of the line is 1590.4m. This is just under 19metres short of the mile at 1609.344 metres. The 39MP has been placed about 2 m back from the end of the line.

regards ...

We have been simply using flat top trolleys to take out sleepers to required locations. No big deal, we are only a small crew and can only do so much at at time. So having a huge sleeper drop is of no ...

Floquil all the way.

I find SEM paints either too thick/dense, or too thin/opaque.

The Diesel Blue seems to take days before setting......


Seems that most think of plastic RTR loco's.

Best of Brass would have to be PSM, worst ALCO. Alco not entirely accurate for my liking and I'm never likely to purchase.

As far as plastic kit goes ...

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