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The headline would be much more powerful if it read “50,000 seats presold on proposed new train service”.

As usual, people want an option on a train (which will never run at a time convenient f ...

“Give us high speed rail, but have a stop at Avalon Airport” - am I the only one who sees this as contradictory?

Can someone please remind me how many flights use Avalon daily? And, given the w ...

Interesting how much commentary on this thread follows a theme of “I live in Melbourne (insert suburb here) and it won’t be convenient for me.”

Personally, I live interstate and a train would ...

Posted 21 Nov 2020 16:25 in Victoria by SinickleBird

On the locust topic, Mrs Bird and I drove back from Adelaide to Mudgee 2 weeks ago (via Broken Hill) and the locusts were crazy between Hermidale and Nevertire. It was like driving through heavy rain  ...

“I know I failed my driving test but, give me a licence and I’ll do better when I’m on the road”.

“I know I failed med school, but let me be a surgeon and I promise I won’t mess up”.


Nicely written article. Most interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

VG - the tour encompasses a good deal of reversing, including places where there isn’t loop space to run around (Kandos). I imagine that Push-pull is more convenient at Werris Creek, Binnaway, Walle ...

Who appointed him?

Nobody can remember, but it wasn’t me.

Way too logical, James. I like it.

But, it would need a huge project team, and countless meetings, to change the order of construction. Simply not practical in COVID times.

I hope the cable to Singapore is more robust than the one connecting Tasmania to the mainland. A couple of serious outages over a couple of years.

Posted 10 Oct 2020 08:48 in South Australia by SinickleBird

Rain should always be measured in either Olympic swimming pools or Sydney Harbours.

Anything else just creates confusion.

Posted 07 Oct 2020 16:20 in South Australia by SinickleBird

Hopefully a good harvest, though rain at this time may not be conducive.

Shame it will mostly end up in trucks.

They are funding a business case - meaning engaging a consultant.

Dozens of business cases get done, very few projects eventuate. It’s a low-cost way of government creating the impression of prog ...

There are more than enough political tools in parliament.

The land value will have risen when Badgerys Creek became the preferred site of the airport, which was well before the final announcement Of approval to proceed.

Similar principle to farm land bein ...

Posted 25 Sep 2020 15:06 in The Lounge by SinickleBird

Confirmation that the politicians are not running victoria- the unions are?

Dual gauge! How progressive Wink

“Option” is an excellent word, because everyone likes an option - especially a free one.

Except regular trains incur costs, that someone has to pay. Preferably someone else.

Yes, if there wa ...

Brilliant footage, as usual, Bevan.

As an indication of how little use the line had, there are now trees up to 30cm trunk diameter growing between the sleepers on the big bend at Mt Knowles (approx ...

The words “integrated transport strategy” translated immediately in my mind to “buses”. It’s public service language.

Thank you, Vinelander.

For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why they would connect Mt Gambier to Western Australia.

Measuring population by MCG’s now?

There’s another thread about random measurement systems.

Posted 31 Jul 2020 09:14 in Victoria by SinickleBird

If memory serves me, some (likely intoxicated) dude overbalanced on the stairs of a V-set while another 4 cars were being attached at Central.

The nanny-state mindset is such that you need to prote ...

H2= hydrogen

Caroline Wilkie’s job description is to make noise on behalf of her (rail company) sponsors.

Her sponsors won’t take kindly if she starts insisting they improve their competitiveness, or effici ...

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