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What did I say about air-con posts?

That your going to smeg-slap us? And frankly, im sure you can come up with $100 - $300 for an Air-Conditioner. I love the Air-Con!

so you can shut the fridge door an' all!

Why? cold now?

And where did I say otherwise? Razz

shut the fridge door, sweetheart

Aww, what's the matter? Did the heat make all your milk curdle? Boo-frickety-hoo.

How can that possibly come out uncensored?  Confused ...

It hasnt been humid for the past few days in Brisbane.  Rock 'N Roll!Rock 'N Roll!Rock 'N Roll!Rock 'N Roll!
Really who cares what you say, your so far away from this heat, plus your not even old enough ...

It hasnt been humid for the past few days in Brisbane.  Rock 'N Roll!Rock 'N Roll!Rock 'N Roll!Rock 'N Roll!
Last night my Air Con got so cold... I had a blanket on  8)

What is SHAFT?

This is turning into something like the 136 page milestone "I Bring Forth A Useless Post". The only thing different is that (well maybe) you people arent drunk  Razz
EDIT: Bromage

Posted 21 Jan 2006 12:10 in Queensland by TWINTURBOSkyline

Those box car "thingys" were probably QLX wagons or QSC wagons


QSC ...

Posted 20 Jan 2006 16:06 in The Lounge by TWINTURBOSkyline

MGH and his Booze-lings command you, K160, to drink! Oh and by the way Happy birthday..... NOW DRINK!

THings that ryhme with Bromage:



















3 Words for this thread: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


Someone had to do it... Twisted Evil

Its still Indonesia davo_1620  Rolling Eyes

what is locomotion?

A cheaper/older version of MSTS I think

Fat Woman - Fat hanging around the waist/legs/arms/etc

Pregnant Woman - Plain fat stomach

http://www.studentlife.vil ...

Posted 18 Jan 2006 06:52 in The Lounge by TWINTURBOSkyline

I use F-Secure. I think its the best cause they check all other Anti-Virus programs around for new found ones and it updates automatically. And of course im not going to pay for the full version so my ...

This was on world around us some years back.

Yep, that was 'The Spirit of Steam' It was quite old as the current GC line was just being built. (I think it was around about 1995 they showed it)

J ...

Posted 18 Jan 2006 06:36 in Queensland by TWINTURBOSkyline

Fun Fact:  A train without its parking brake applied can roll away causing serious injury and even death.

Yup, it sure can.

Education? oh no I go back to school next week *shudder*

Posted 17 Jan 2006 11:22 in The Lounge by TWINTURBOSkyline

You only play AA? Surley you can add Battlefeild 2/Battlefeild 1942 aswell

mod note, this thread will be moved to the Preservston&Tourist Forums at some point soon. So if it dissapears, you know where it went.

For us non QLDers, what whell arrangement is a B15 ?

Whats  ...

Posted 17 Jan 2006 11:17 in Queensland by TWINTURBOSkyline

Melbourne (Spencer Street, wait, no, Southern Cross) on the Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane Line Very Happy
Sorry but I posted this in the Queensland section for a reason  Rolling Eyes

Very well pointed out SAR_Fan...

Posted 16 Jan 2006 06:44 in The Lounge by TWINTURBOSkyline

TTS how old are you?

Are you sure you are not 8?


Because some of your posts worrey me  Confused
All I said was, I have seen only one episode of Blue Heelers where a teenage girl stole an AK ...

Twinnie you said I quote " in and around Mackay

Well as far as I know Dalrymple Bay, Hay Point etc are electrified and near Mackay.

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