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Posted 27 Apr 2014 17:29 in Sydney Suburban by TrainboyEH

Doing the sextup for sydenham to Erskineville wouldn't be that hard. The land is there for it, majority of tunnels and so are the platforms. All they have to do is add two more bridges, which one of t ...

Has there been any further updates on the boilers journey to Australia ?

Posted 02 Feb 2014 17:49 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by TrainboyEH

Sorry to wake up this thread.... however.. What progress has been made in the last few months since the last report was put out ?

Posted 25 Dec 2013 14:09 in Sydney Suburban by TrainboyEH

It truly is great to see a project ahead of schedule for once.

Yeah quite a lot of overhead has been installed recently, and the station at taverners Hill is coming along nicely ! Can't wait for a ride along the line on the Urbos 2 !

East Hills ?

Inbetween Padstow and Revesby

Wouldn't the 4 trains per hour more or less be justified by the agreement with the owners of the airport line? after all wont the new express tracks be mainly routed through to the city via tempe ?

Open Floor

It's Panania !!

I think I saw an M set on the illawarra line, Plus there was definitely services to the turnback at East hills.

Open floor


Turrella Mate

it's betwen riverwood and narwee or padstow and revesby. I'd more than likely go with the latter

Croydon ?



Between East Hills and Panania.Spot on, and straight over to you now.

Looks like everything is done now track wise, except for a few turnouts. All that needs to be done is the signalling and the remaining overhead at Beverly hills and Revesby.

West Ryde ?

East Hills (open floor if I'm right)


Ok guys, I'll post soon

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