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Question from a DCC novice.  I notice the existing lighting is not LED, so does that mean it needs changing before fitting a dcc decoder? - Peter

Enjoyed trying to fit a Digitrax DH165IP this morning after picking up my F from the PO as I had some spare in the drawer.  It don't fit!  Would some kind soul out there kindly advise what 8 pin chip  ...


I will post under [url=][color=#0066cc][size=4][font='Open Sans', Calibri, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Austrains G Class Diesel Loco - Upcoming 81 / G / BL[/ ...

[color=#000000][size=3][font=Open Sans, Calibri, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I started to put a decoder into my BL and discovered all 4 screws under the bogies are burred. This is the one with the l ...

I started to put a decoder into my BL and discovered all 4 screws under the bogies are burred.  This is the one with the loose lens.  Back to Mr E I think.  Why do they make it so hard to get jeweller ...

I received my G Class's today, They are a huge improvement on the powerline models G Class

Agree, however I need to investigate why one of my BL's rear lights are not showing ...

Two of the three car sets include a BCPL.



Many thanks M636C.  My eyes have not seen the "C".  I thought it was a bit odd.  There's even a BPCL in pack 3. Smile

[quote=Poath Junction]PL carriages order form (only for those without an aversion to pre-ordering) : [url=] ...

[quote=SAR523]No insult intended, I should probably have trimmed what I quoted to make my intent clearer.

I was just musing on the irony of a European manufacturer releasing an Australian liveried ...

Oh, the irony.

$30 postage to Oz.

Seems it is available in the States.  Their postage is pretty hefty though.

[quote=trawny]has sds released more than the M van this year?[/quote]

From Steven 23/7/2013 regarding VTQF's "[color=#004080][size=3][font=Calibri][color=#004080][size=3][font=Calibri][color=#004080] ...

[quote=vjm]Mine lurches as well, but on DC. I haven't fitted my Loksound decoder yet, so I've been seeing if just running it in will smooth it out before I fit the decoder and speaker. It's especial ...

I also used a 21 pin Lokpilot decoder 54615.  Found that when almost stopped, the vehicle lurches forward.  Will need to play with some CV's to alleviate.  This happened on two Walkers fitted with the ...

Yep.  They've come off the D van, the light tabs at one or possibly both ends near the roof.  Looks like they are held on with just paint.

Spot on thank you


The mystery pieces. Two of them

Has anyone experienced "bits" in the bottom of the boxes?  I had ordered VPS-7 N Set V/Line Orange/Silver N12 & VPS-12 N Set V/Line Pass Mk1 Red/White/Blue N13.  Both are absolute stunners, however, I ...

[quote=Toad Montgomery]You'll find some info here, though no diagram:


53 foot table installed 1913, replace ...

As I assume I'm not bumping a 15.5 year old post, this diagram may help

Jamie Smile


T ...

No worries. All I ask is you post your findings.




I have added a photo to my Flickr which shows where on a google satellite image the Coal stage, turntable a ...

I require an umpire to sort out what supported the rail over the ash pit at Ouyen.  From photos, we have had suggestions they look like concrete or red gum stumps, vertical rail or two pieces of verti ...

I had a quick look yesterday. The sites being used as a storage area for junk. There's a couple of rail related items around, but it has been levelled.



A massive than ...

[quote=duttonbay]Perhaps Bruce McLean's Mildura Railway History CD might have some information. I am on the road at the moment, and won't be back home until about the start of June. I shall take a loo ...

[quote=VRS302]Hi Peter,

Check out the website 'when there were stations' it has some great old pictures which should be of help. If you google search 'stationspast' it should come up. Good luck wit ...

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