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Wanting to buy an American 4 axle locomotive (F7, GP30, F3 etc.) In Union pacific, Southern Pacific, Rio Grande or Santa Fe liveries

**must be N scale, preferably kato or atlas**

Auscision GY pack VFW-36 with tarps - $250

Auscision 1958-65 280 Walker like new - $370

Auscision BE Economy 1971-85 era - $120

Auscision AE first class car 1963-85 - $120

Austrains basix B vans s ...

Selling an Austrains Y class in V/line pass livery Y-129

Missing side handrail on cab and has minor damage on the chassis from incorrect body removal.

$275 as is.

[img]http://i61.tin ...

there certainly is; 


How do you get there by public transport?737 bus from Croydon station is probably your best bet

Now that Auscision are making models that have pantographs, perhaps they will try the VR E or L class. Not that the pantographs are the same as on the NSW models.Regards, Alex.

Inside the booklet i got at Caufield it says they're due early September.  Confused

I sometimes wish Austrains would do un-painted and/or un-numbered models although my painting skills are quite low.Also does anyone what numbers are being produced in the upcoming rerun of the Y class ...

try running a small magnet just above the track to pick up all the pieces of steel wool you can. I made this mistake when starting the hobby years ago too  Embarassed

has this gotten out of hand? ...

Also know that there are smaller and cheaper ways of having a model railway, this site has inspired me alot:

I've recently bought/assembled two of these just recently;

Although I havent put them under the layout yet, getting them to this stage is fairly easy. Also some words about them on this blog: http ...

Herb Melnick from Two and A Half Men. Not sure of the scale but i assume HO?

Copied from the Auscision website:

The exhaust stacks on all class members were modified during the late 1960’s to a new arrangement (further apart), following the fitting of spark arrestors to t ...

Hi all, am seeking a powerline economy S car in vr blue

Willing to trade for V/line tangerine car with green/white stripe:


BRS229(snack bar)

edit: I'm also willing to pay for on ...

First train on the new layout

Brilliant! Carl's site has been a huge inspiration to me, glad to see it is back.


Hi Andrew, theres a range of different ready built VR station buildings available from hobbies plus:

Can anyone elaborate on what this f**k off notice actually said in a little bit more detail? Seems the site is inaccessible now.

Was the message targeted at Railpage Australia™ users?

Somethi ...

I'm certain this company isn't legit, after what i read on their index page (which has now been turned into a blank page) was incredibly rude, they've lost my interest in any of their products anyhow. ...

Posted 15 Aug 2011 15:18 in Victoria by alexT364

Yep, they came down Lilydale way too, heard them going back toward Ringwood between 10:40 - 10:50 in Croydon.

that is bloody ridiculous..

Hopefully the E cars and 4 wheelers arrive soon too.

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