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[quote=YM-Mundrabilla][quote]What an amazing trip that will be when it is finished.

[url=/news/s/world-s-highest-railway-bridge-takes-shape]World’s highest railway bridge takes shape[/quote]Isn't ...

[quote=a6et]Not sure if it stille applies or not but Steam loco's were not allowed to be lead engine when diesels are used. Reason was that cinders from the steam loco could and did go down via the ex ...

I have always liked that colour in the steam.  Is that what they call Tuscan?
No, it's some shade of maroon or crimson. Tuscan is much more brown. See the carriages Canberra Railw ...

[quote=bevans][quote]Well, considering the population in the north of both conuntries is way lower than the southern sections, i can see why a rail connection has taken so long. The ferry services ar ...

Posted 02 Apr 2021 14:57 in The Lounge by apw5910

And Happy Rugba League to you.

But don't be surprised if it comes to pass in reality soon.

[quote=cobbadog]Who is the best place to contact for old Triang train parts? I am after some carbon brushes and the brush holder to suit aR353 loco of about 50 years of age.

Any help appreciated.

Ch ...

As an aside I thought locos as with TBMs are referred to in the female so our THE is a SHE!?!?!

Any help appreciated, I think I'm going crazy.......


And what if the loc ...

[quote=Aaron]PV panels are incredibly sensitive to a lack of photons, I have a panel in my lab that I can directly observe the full wave rectified 100Hz pattern of our mains electricity by looking at ...

Looks like Wondabyne. Does anyone still get on/off there? Haven't been near it for decades.

Bit ageist.

My namesake sold SAR to the Commonwealth for a song in 1975 (along with Tasmania
And a set of steak knives?

Posted 20 Feb 2021 10:59 in The Lounge by apw5910

I actually think the Vic Govt are correct in introducing road use charges for EVs, even if it riles wealthy Greenie elitists like Simon Holmes a Court.
EV's tend to weigh a bit mo ...

Back to never-ending waits for

Posted 18 Feb 2021 10:31 in The Lounge by apw5910

And productivity rose 100%

Ahh, the old days of using nail polish as paint on insulation.

Bit like people whinging about mobile phone towers and then getting on the phone to ring up all their friends to complain. Hydrogen is no more (or less) dangerous than other fuels.

Posted 21 Jan 2021 10:29 in The Lounge by apw5910

The three best words of the day:- "Former President Trump."
Re-title the thread "Farewell to Trump Town."

Or "Good Riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

Gees, the turntable shook!

Run a few steam trains during summer, that'll fix it.

Especially if the spark arrestors fall out.

Posted 12 Jan 2021 09:40 in Other Transport by apw5910

Better than e-scooters?

Looks just like my model railway.

Posted 20 Dec 2020 07:49 in The Lounge by apw5910

[quote=mejhammers1][quote]Someone should tell him that you do not have to be a Doctor of Medicine to call yourself a Doctor. Someone with the patience of a saint. Now the chosen is calling into questi ...

[quote=Madjikthise][quote][quote][quote]Where does the output from the plant go?

Is it domestic?[/quote]Australia exports most of our Aluminium metal production

[color=#333333][size=2][font=Robo ...

Posted 08 Dec 2020 15:37 in South Australia by apw5910

[quote=don_dunstan]When I saw the title of the thread I thought you were going to show me a location nearby to Miss Ovingham, presumably the winner of the title of "Miss Ovingham" from several other c ...

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