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One also wonders if Rio Tinto are now "quietly" looking at their ATP interface for their autonomous trains.

No driver to not apply Westinghouse over the top of ECP during an incident.

I reme ...

Posted 04 Jan 2019 15:14 in Victoria by aussiealco


Yes, the WOLO does impact on rail travel.

A bit like cancelling air line flights due to volcanic eruptions.

Authorities hafta make a decision, regardless of the consequences.

I think that I ...

G'day Crazy,

Welcome to Down-under.

Unfortunately, our rail operations are not as they once were.

Many of the smaller freight mobs cannot provide permanent work and only offer part time to newbies. ...


Four lamp double light signals naturally replaced double light upper quadrant semaphore signals.

Red over Red; Green over Red; and Green over Green.

Just why SH 3.87 is displayed as a five l ...


I have managed to find the Springwood to Lithgow alterations original pdf file on my home computer.

I don't retain large files on me usb stick to save space.

Again, I don't know how current  ...

G'day Graham,

You could try the Transport for NSW contracts awarded section for details.

You need to scrounge through a swag of them to find specific details.

And, details that have not been redact ...

Posted 20 Nov 2018 14:51 in Tasmania by aussiealco


Having rattled around the Taswegian South Line from late 2004 through 2007, I am curious to compare the modern day safe working system.

I had witnessed Track Warrant Control system briefly du ...


Getting away with things on backshift when management were not around.

The first time that I witnessed the Loco Jiffy, I stood there gobsmacked at the potential ramifications.


G'day all,

Yep, back shift you could get away with more interesting stuff than during daywork when management were watching.

And, of course due to the Metrop curfews, Lithgow blokes did spend a lot  ...


[color=#000000]Raising the pans.

The 46'ers had an interesting method for raising the pantographs.

Yes, the pan UP and DOWN buttons on the control desk being the normal running method.

But, ...


Microprocessors, may as well remove the driver.

Can't wait to see the Metro stall in a tunnel for the first time in smog hollow.

As with the Monorail when it karked it up in the air.

I can  ...


I occasionally motor through Manildra and espy MM01 (02 ?) rusting to the rails.

I haven't been through Gunnedah for many moons.

The far west blokes may have liked them 49 thi ...

[color=#000000]G'day BDA,

Yes, the Demand Meter versus the Traction Amp Meter.

From me notes and memory this was important when attempting to get the unit/s to automatically step out of resistance.


[color=#000000]G'day all,

Yeh, them air ride seats up the number two end of the 44 class.

No good for the fireman when he attempted to lay the seat back.

Bang thump on the dunny wall.

Also initial ...

G'day all,

I will hafta peruse the comments off line later and then compose a response.

Me home www is very limited in ability.

[color=#000000]A while ago, I had edited and uploaded a video clip to ...

[color=#000000]G'day BDA and A6ET,

Yes, I remember the name Cedric Fraser, though forget IF or when I may have encountered him.

Similarly, Alan Corby, who ended up at Cowra with the LVR.

As to 81 c ...

I will also cut and past a comment that I had posted to another thread.

This thread is more appropriate for the operational details.

[color=#000000][size=2][font=Roboto, wf_SegoeUI, "Segoe UI", Sego ...

G'day A6ET,

I only swung the banjo over a week-end of shuttles to Wang and back on a soot belcher in 1991.

3112, and I have no idea what brake valve was on it.

We did have the basic number 4 on Lit ...

Posted 09 Nov 2018 15:56 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by aussiealco


Yes, the large loco numbers does make it easy to identify units from afar.

I did prefer the original Freightcorp blue scheme.

But, the Only Scheme hasta be the Trad NSWR indian red.

Actual  ...

G'day Gordon and A6ET,

Stick 93.5U was the one on the UP at Zig Zag that you had to get in behind to be able to cross over to the Down.

I forget when the walkway was extended, but with two pilots, y ...

Posted 08 Nov 2018 17:43 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by aussiealco


I snapped a shot of 8606 back towards the end of the good ole days at LMC.

Possied over the drop pit.

It was easier to sneak around with a camera on night shift as fewer staff, especially ma ...

Ok, those links appear to work.

As to banking to Zig Zag, it would depend upon the era and type of train and train load.

It was verboten to bank NON air for a period.

Plus, it was also verboten to  ...


The links to my Railpage Australia™ gallery photos does not appear to be working.

I will attempt another link and see if the diagram images appear. ...


I have created this thread to continue the discussion of NSW electric locomotives.

I have managed to unearth my WET (Working of Electric Trains) book amongst the clutter.

In r ...


Yes, track circuit overlap clearance points would be way too much info on drivers route knowledge maps.

I don't know the situation today.

But, back in the 1990s, the Maitland rail motors cou ...

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