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Hi all

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Posted 12 Apr 2016 22:00 in Operators by aussiebbq

I can confirm that, arrived at Shepparton at 9:30 a.m. had about a dozen container flats in tow.

Posted 12 Apr 2016 16:03 in Victoria by aussiebbq

G521 and S313 pulled into Shepparton about 9:30 this morning with about a dozen container Flats.

[quote=Trainplanner]There's a strong view in PTV that the 20 new cars announced by Labor will be non-motorised intermediate cars to create 20 4~car sets. These look like being 80 seat vehicles as no n ...

For anyone interested a friend of mine court VL10 running tests between Black Forest Rd and the Junction, not the best video but thought I would post the link.

When on Saturday and had a good look around. I think there was only one layout that I had not seen before but Leopold has had some work done on it since I sore it last. Like always spend to much money ...

When to Liverpool for the first time, it was a very good show, lots of trade stands and layouts but I did think it was funny that the Entry Ticket booth was counted as a stall.


[quote=K160]Is is plastic? Or another brass job like the 44 was?

EDIT: Answered my own question by checking the blog. Another brass job. As far as I'm concerned, PSM are doing plenty of VR stuff in ...

Another NSW RTR O scale engines, this is encouraging that we may one day see a Victorian RTR O scale engine from Auscision

Was a great show, lots to see and umm...... buy.

Anyway video here:

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[quote][color=#007f00][size=3][font=Georgia][color=#007f00][size=3][font=Georgia][/font][/size][/color][/font][/size][/color]WCR locomotives R 711 and R 766 will not be available with this first run a ...

[quote=Quambatook]Went along today and really enjoyed it. It was a great day and it was pleasing to see a number of young families present.

Having spoken to a number of the tradersvendors, they all ...


[url=] ...

[quote=Poath Junction][url=] has the answer. "25/7/2013 10:08am [url=]Bendigo ...

I'm betting cheesy N's and A's.



There Auscision models not BRM

I would bet no on the P Class, but an happy to be proven wrong.

Wounder however if T class will ...

When on Saturday, many great layout with a good mix of gauges. No where near as cold as last year and the building was looking great. Lots of shops too, only a shame my tax money hasn't come back yet. ...

Very good Zomer, looks a fantastic little layout. I have been following the t gauge blog for some time watching the progress of Orbost but it is good to see another layout on the go. Keep up the good  ...

Posted 23 Jun 2013 13:33 in Victoria by aussiebbq

It has been here since Wednesday last week

Back to show talk, also of distractions this week but i finally got around to putting together a video.


While the exhibition was great, and thank to all who attended, it was overshadowed by the Ballarat club rooms being broken into. Someone or someones took advantage our absence during the weekend and h ...


[quote=wolfpac]Does anyone know if RailNthusiast will be there, or any idea on which traders will be there?

And I'll put my name down on the link above, Bevans, once I know which day I'll be there. ...

Posted 24 May 2013 22:55 in Operators by aussiebbq

[quote=Galron]reference was posted on facebook. On the face of it, the end may be shortly to arrive for El Zorro, after much debate. Perhaps loss of recent contracts has been the kicker.

A search o ...

Posted 24 May 2013 21:54 in Victoria by aussiebbq

I remember in the 90s a tractor was used to push grain hopper through the unload at the Portland Harbour. It just had a bucket on the front, no special buffing plate or anything.

[quote=br30453][color=#000000][size=3][font=Times New Roman] [/font][/size][/color][size=3][font=Times New Roman][color=#000000]Download Doomben line Timetable here :[/color][/font][/size]

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