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Posted 14 Feb 2014 12:51 in New South Wales by beyerpeacock

We only lease the MSB sidings off ARTC as far as I know mate, Freightliner also get their UTM's done there.

Posted 12 Feb 2014 09:26 in Operators by beyerpeacock

The box coalie is now also loaded at Narrabri North mine.

You have to stop at some mines for them to position the loading bin too.

I once got on a train at NCIG, tipped it, called for the road and departed, loaded, departed, and got it back to the bin wit ...

Posted 02 Feb 2014 13:26 in Operators by beyerpeacock

Yennora, Newcastle Coal, Moss Vale

Posted 07 Jan 2014 12:57 in General by beyerpeacock

Why have the AC6000's been taken out of service, if I may ask?

"No depot I am aware of in PN has TO's that drive locomotives yet."

Port Waratah's TO's are put through to drive in the yard limits  and DOO limits of PTW and Kooragang.

The TT's can eat a dick as far as I'm concerned.

Terrible cab ergonomics, slip and slide all over the shop, couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding.

The C44 variants trump them in every way i ...

Get a bank loan too or have a good lot of cash. Cat 1's aren't cheap and unless your organization has stated you need one, don't get one.

There's no use in parading around saying you have a categor ...

Try CM and CF class. Surely it's not that hard to figure out?

That's all I would be thinking, an automatic mute feature when a discreet call comes over would be the go. It would make things so much easier from the In Cab perspective.

It's in theory, a great s ...

I appreciate that Buddha.

However when you're on a discreet call you don't need other radio traffic in the cab, the CountryNet used to to cancel out the WB for this reason so why can the ICE not d ...

Has anyone looked at the ludicrous situation of the UHF's ability to cut in over the top of a discreet driver-controller call? Not dangerous at all that one.

A good saying I heard recently Dave is that the grass always looks greener, but It's all still fed by smeg.

Posted 24 Jul 2013 22:44 in New South Wales by beyerpeacock

They definitely still run to Cobar. Passed the Cobar rake at Greta on the Down today.

Nope nothing to do with the wet weather really. The track is just f*cked. They've been on for months and months some of them.

Posted 05 Jul 2013 17:30 in New South Wales by beyerpeacock

NCIG are effing quick. Usually tip between 1.3-1.7km/h. You're lucky to have 2 hours in NCIG before the rake is back out on the network if you get a good run.

One of the big delays that trains arri ...

Posted 03 Jul 2013 17:17 in General by beyerpeacock

If you can find a recording of a Standard NSW 5 chime it'll be pretty close to the 27's whistle.

Posted 19 Jun 2013 21:25 in Operators by beyerpeacock

That is dead set the biggest load of gunzel smeg I've ever heard. You, sunshine are scum and I too hope you never get on the footplate. F*ckwit.

Ill second that Mick.

I made mention that I had operational experience with a Tourist railway in the same way that I mentioned I have a Senior First aid certificate. Not an essential pre-requisite  ...

Plus the extra tonnage out of Gunnedah, Werris Creek and Narrabri on top of PN's contracted tonnage.


I can assure you that 5023-39 do not have hotplates.

Standard Gauge....interesting.

Posted 02 Apr 2013 13:07 in New South Wales by beyerpeacock

Won't be a locomotive number. There was never an "84" Class.

Posted 18 Mar 2013 09:19 in New South Wales by beyerpeacock

Ill go with Port Kembla.

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