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Surely Auscison themselves (or more precisely Australian Modeller) would be your first stop in Sydney.


And a further update on the SDS 81s. According to the website, the Bicentennial 81s are all sold out even before they were due to arrive next month - both DC and DCC.

Not surprised.


SDS 81s with sound have arrived. Well first batch have Smile
Poath Junction

Yes - the Candy versions. Their website says the rest of the Mk II versions will be here in August. (And speci ...

I've heard the RRAY's might be here for Caulfield expo.
Which year would that be?


[quote=gw0071]That's long range commitment! I did that with the previous incarnation of the 81 and got stung big time

What price were they listed at out of curiosity?

Probably not relevant in th ...

I notice on the SDS website - on the 81 Class page, that as forecast in their most recent newsletter (December 2021), that the DC versions of the Candy 81 Class are marked as being available.

Curio ...

WTY wagons (Goninan) are now available from Australian Modeller...

While not that specifically interested in these - I'm still pleased to see Auscision re-running them - albeit ...

I can't see a way to order online on the SDS website. All I can find is printouts for mail order. Surely there is one, could someone explain it to this poor soul?
The railway dog

When  ...

If they are half as good as IDR's recently released BBW Ballast Wagons they will be outstanding models.

Totally agree - the BBW wagons are works of art. Some of the best non ...

And by absolute co-incidence of course - are priced exactly the same as the Auscision versions..............both pre-order price and price after delivery.


From memory for the Peco turnouts (and keep in mind each manufacturer will probably have different standards), the small turnouts are 24" radius, the medium 36" radius and the large 48" radius. While  ...

Latest run E cars arrived in the mail today , interesting the single cars are now in a clear plastic box no more cardboard

Might be the first time for the E cars, but  ...

Finally some news on the 81 Class. Deliveries are starting in January with Mk1 & 2 SRA Candy (DC only), spreading out over the 1st half of next year for other variants. ...

[color=#111111][size=2][font=Verdana, sans-serif]Update - withdrawn from sale - now on eBay.[/font][/size][/color]



[i][color=#111111][size=2][font=Ve ...

I note the CTS Coal Hoppers, NGVF Grain Hoppers and NQKY Container wagons are now available on both the Auscision and Australian Modeller websites


Update : withdrawn from sale - now on eBay.

For Sale - Lima set of three 12-wheel Passenger cars - MFE, MBE, TAM - $100 for the three of them. In as new condition in original packaging.


[color=#000000][size=2][font=Roboto, wf_SegoeUI, ][b]SOLD[/b][/font][/size][/color]


[color=#000000][size=2][font=Roboto, wf_SegoeUI, ]For Sale - PSM Brass 3813 HO Scale - Gre ...

Would be great for the hobby as a whole if it was the 900 Class. Such a impressive looking loco. Even as a NSW modeller, I'd get one just for display purposes.

Hope there is some good news at last  ...

I agree, its a pity we've lost such manufacturers of mechanisms as Hollywood etc. Only suggestion I can think of is to maybe pickup a used model of an Alco RSC-3 and see if you can fit the mechanism o ...

[quote=Poath Junction]The world of facebook is aflutter with excitement as an unannounced Auscision locomotive sample was spied in the display case at Australian Modeller yesterday. I wonder what "[b] ...

Not a fair comparison to include any models that were announced but never took anyone's money, nor those that were officially cancelled and everyone who had paid were refunded their money.


Yep - done it for years. All my old Powerline 48s were wired up in pairs. Because those locos only had a "half-live" pickup, it did wonders for the running qualities of what was a very ordinary mechan ...

Has SDS fallen victim to the Facebook fiasco?

Notice their Facebook page is showing no posts. Apparently this is what happens when Facebook removes you - because SDS Models by its name is clearly  ...

Posted 26 Dec 2020 13:47 in Model Railways - General Discussions by brissim

I was going to suggest the post should be moved to the Wanted thread - but in the meantime Have you looked on eBay? I'm constantly amazed at the number of empty Auscision, Austrains etc boxes that com ...

As several have pointed out, ever since the XPT replaced the loco-hauled Brisbane Limited 30 YEARS AGO IN 1990, the Sydney-Brisbane XPT has been an overnight service (with one convertibl ...

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