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With any luck Auscision will finally release some details about their N scale lineup, considering the order forms for the NR were "coming soon" 6 month ...

whats to say that this isn't just an Eureka 38?

more info from the OP is required me thinks



Are we to assume then, its the same mob as:





Willing to stand corrected, but if the V sets fit in the Non Electric Stock Loading Gauge (allowing for pantographs till Lithgow), which allows them to travel pass Springwood, t ...

[quote=NSWRcars][font=Times New Roman][font=Calibri]Set V10 which was stabled on the down main at Leura, and was heavily tagged, appears to have been retrieved sometime this weekend. Is there really a ...

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla][quote]I've seen A4 and A3 envelopes; what is a kinematic envelope?[/quote]Known to 'traditional' railwaymen as:

[ul][li]Structure gauge (nothing inside thereof)[/li][li]Rolli ...


Just an idea? plausible or dreaming?

not worth the paperwork or damage to the V sets ... all options would have the sets in the workshop after the relocation ... better to f ...

Currently Trainlink NSW Intercity services on the Blue Mtns line are being provided at a reduced timetable and as 4 car sets.

Official explanation given is that 52 carriages (equals 6 and 1/2 eight ...

Posted 11 Feb 2020 13:56 in Sydney Suburban by catchpoint

Maybe the "class" will come into it on the NIF when you have to avoid / find another seat without a broken fold-down tray table / rubbish left in the cup holder / chewing gum in the USB port....

Re ...

Posted 04 Feb 2020 11:11 in New South Wales by catchpoint

[quote=TristanG]Hey All, I have the need to get out to Bathurst over the weekend, but when booking on TrainLink, I can only seem to find the XPT to Dubbo services. Any ideas when the Bullets will be b ...

You might try for some images in this series of books


[url= ...

Posted 21 Oct 2019 15:59 in Locomotives and Rolling Stock by catchpoint

[quote=alco4836]Hi All

I am just after as much info and pics of the NSWGR EVD display cars

I know they were the Captain Cook museum train and a dinosaur train

but were they used for anything else ...


This already seems a pretty comprehensive review?



[quote=TheMeddlingMonk]To be fair, the importers probably aren't aware of that.

It really depends on the quality of the connector. The really cheap ones won't last more than a dozen cycles. Higher ...

[quote=TheMeddlingMonk]I have to agree with the above comments. Unfortunately those types of connectors that I have seen used for steam locos (between engine and tender) are usually intended for perma ...

[quote=bevans][quote]Was 3001 ever owned by Barry Tulloch?[/quote]

Research myself. [url=] ...

[quote=fzr560][quote][quote]Only an engineer would try to justify another engineers logic by further complicating the original idea Peter! Points for trying though.

There’s no turntable, there’ ...

[quote=The_trolley]It’ll be interesting to see how the traverser pays off when it suffers a failure and a part needs to go to Western Sydney for rebuilding or the lead time on a replacement componen ...

[quote=M636C]The problem can be overcome by providing a track on the far side of the traverser on the arrival roads.

The first loco is uncoupled and run ahead, the second loco is moved first.

The tw ...

[quote=The_trolley]Until the traverser breaks down putting a stop to all run around moves resulting in additional complicated shunting.

There’s a lot to be said for simplicity at times and a trav ...

The track diagram on the ARTC Safe Notice 2-4288 shows four dead end 674 metre long sidings that terminate using a loco traverser instead of the usual turnouts. Is this a first?
L ...

[quote=comtrain][quote]Did anyone sight the Wombat Models 30T "bogie tender" sample at the recent Hills Model Railway Exhibition as noted on their FB page?


Catchpoint[/quote]Its overdue ...

Did anyone sight the Wombat Models 30T "bogie tender" sample at the recent Hills Model Railway Exhibition as noted on their FB page?



Phoenix Models FB page posted an image of a D3 back on May 2nd as a possible teaser



June AMRM 2019

(willing to stand corrected) Phoenix announces forthcoming RTR VR D3 steam loco - limited to 1200 units

Advert inside front cover....



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