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You might find a few here [url=]

Regards Ross

G'Day All,

Was looking at the Vic Emergency app and was surprised that it shows a short branchline extending form the mainline at Derinallum, crossing the main road and up to an old scoria quarry o ...

Posted 14 Oct 2019 12:55 in Victoria by changer

Nearest volcanic landform is probably Mt. Cottrell which last erupted over 1 mill years ago.

No provision for bikes I take it.

[quote=justarider]Stale sausage roll ?

I can only attest to the 1:05 down to Warrnambool.

The wraps and muffins were fresh that day. The cappuccino made by someone who knew how to do properly. T ...

[quote=BrentonGolding][quote][quote]A re-elected Labor Government will also start planning to reopen Harcourt Station and upgrade track on the Bendigo line between Bendigo and Kyneton to allow trains ...

How are you getting from Cootamundra to Bathurst Mike?

Regards Ross

[quote=dthead][quote]That was the world's shortest retirement, Woodford.[/quote] People can go, come, go, come - as they wish if being a normal user, but yes some come and cannot come back. Woodford i ...

Posted 01 Dec 2016 17:47 in Victoria by changer

Article in the Weekly Times (Wed. Nov 30th) states that community consultations have already begun to reopen the above line as part of the Murray basin Rail Project. Construction is expected to start  ...

Good result.

Good luck.

My only shot from the day on the down.


Nice pic.

Bet road gets the contract.

Could add to the Victoria Police dossier on this one!

Yer im not going if it was glen waverley id go in a heartbeat so hope next ones triple rs to glen waverley yer
Chidda Bang
Can we try proper English next time mate....bit tricky to follo ...

G'Day All,

Was exploring between Kyneton and Redesdale in the vicinity of Emberton Station lane and came across and old walker railcar sitting on the site of the old line under cover. Anyone know a ...

The sentiment that a Melbourne Airport rail link be given top priority is no surprise.
Why is it ...

Posted 06 Feb 2013 20:38 in Victoria by changer

We should let the trials take their course and see how the public reacts. Based on experience elsewhere, it should work out.I was on a late night pass to Geelong the other week and a rather inebriated ...

Posted 29 Oct 2012 21:25 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by changer

Haven't we seen recently, relying on grants or major donations is not how a railway becomes/remains viable? Not a stab at the VGR.Good point VB. Here we have a quandary....probably a combination of bo ...

Great pics regards to 'Scumbury'....could you spell it properly mate. Some of our forum members live there.Regards Ross

Agree...great to see another D3. A lot to maintain for TR's to do in the meantime as well.

Posted 14 Jan 2010 23:52 in Railway Archaeology by changer


Posted 14 Jan 2010 16:41 in Railway Archaeology by changer

G'Day All,

I was searching the net today and came across an article which basically showed a statue of Bob the Railway Dog being unveiled in front of the Peterborough railway station (2009)in S.A. Fu ...

After this evening the table is booked out of service indefinately.

Sounds a bit terminal Andy. What is meant by booked out of service indefinately and do you know the reason why?

Kindest Regar ...

Hope the events don't compromise mainline steam in Vic. Just a thought given the threads I've read.

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