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Thanks, I shall have to enquire there.

Is there anyone in Queensland who builds benchwork for sale? Modular Train Tables appears to be out of business.

The latter; I can just get a train to Geelong and then find my way to my accomodation, but will need a ride to the convention and the Bellarine Railway outing.

I am attending this event:

and I was wondering if anyone else here is going, and if so, are carpools available?

I got some images:


[U ...

Virgils' Antiques, in Townsville, is shutting down due to the proprietors' retirement. They will only be open Saturdays for the moment. They don't have much model railway stuff, but there is an old la ...

With a photoetch body. Will anyone that far into building photoetch loco kits really be buying this series?

No, I've not. I should most likely make a decision by the weekend. In case I can't get anything, does anyone know whether the tickets are refundable?

Will there be taxis?

Tube and liquid glues do not work differently if they are the same glue, the tube glue is just thicker. This is for a reason, plastic solvent tubes are for plastic modelling locator pegs, which you ma ...

Has anyone any experiences with travelling to/staying in Bowral, NSW? I am still trying to decide whether to attend this event:

[url=]http://www.austnarrowgau ...

The earlier "Locomotives of the World" series in N-scale has Mallard in IIRC black and numbered as BR 60022.


Actually it's a different blue with a white trim.

OK, so I ditched the idea of the Back 2 Base-ix modules. I am using 18x40mm DAR pine, and am finding my saw keeps wandering in the mitre box. Is there a more economical, easy way to square the cut end ...

Strictly speaking, 1/100 is 18mm. Gaming sculptors, on the other hand, aren't known for reading measuring implements. The Battlefront ones will be smaller than that, and the QRF smaller still.

If I was doing TT-scale, I could get away with using 15mm/1:100 wargaming tanks.


Actually that only corresponds to UK TT, Euro and US use 1/120, and 1/100 doesn't qu ...

[quote=nswtrains]And do not forget that O scale in the USA is 1/4 inch per foot to make it more confusing. We seem to use 7mm per foot for O scale. The fact that US HO Scale is based on half 7 mm, whi ...

Vivian Thompson one of the best female model railroaders you were ever likely to see only got into it because her son wanted a train layout.
David Peters

If you are referring to Viv ...

PS yes I know Euro O and UK O use different scales.

Unsure where to go with this one, one the one hand we have people bringing their families along, such that we can promote model railways to be a family affair (ignore Noch), on the other hand may have ...

The codes are most commonly used to refer to the scale and gauge all at once. To just say one or the other the codes are useless.

Oh, and American O is wrong anyway, legend has it that when the pl ...

I have Aspergers. I am certainly not one to sit through cricket.

"You might be a rail fan?"

Oh don't get us going that way. You know how much comes up when you Google that?

I certainly can't  ...

THE SCALES AND GAUGES DO NOT MATCH PERFECTLY. Compromises have to be accepted. We gamers do it all the time; scale creep and sculptors not bothering to measure, failures to clarify scalp or eyeball me ...

Not helped by the mainstream manufacturers themselves insisting that HO/OO Scale means anything but "I haven't a clue what it is and don't care, I'm taking all yer money [raspberry]". Yes they both ru ...

I know there's a prototype for everything, and some outback preservation lines have been seen like this on TV, albeit due to shortages of many things, but this is ridiculous.

The layout design goes nowhere and does nothing.... Should have called it Build Your Own Rail Museum...

I was also collecting the Locomotives of the World series but the newsagents have ceased to sto ...

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