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More contracts locked in whilst going through the various planning hurdles.

"The BHQ joint venture (BHQ JV), comprising of Bielby Holdings Pty Ltd, JF Hull Holdings Pty Ltd, and QH&M Birt Pty Ltd,  ...

[quote=NSWGR8022]The status of the inland rail project has been upgraded by the NSW Government ...

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla][quote]Not certain there are any crossing loops between Spencer Junction and Whyalla. There is Roopena which appears in the ARTC MTP, so most likely, but it's only two single tra ...

This very long running project is ticking along. It's now in operation between Port Augusta and Whyalla and works underway to extend it to Kalgoorlie.

[quote=Lockspike][quote]One thing that I have discovered that is not being made with big fanfare is the fact that the Newell Hwy has been receiving funds to upgrade it in direct competition to Inland ...

Do they define passing lane anywhere which is what ive heard the ~7km long crossing loops called in places, or is this a non technical term?
The 'Passing Lane' thing goes back  ...

I stopped at Sheherds Siding earlier this week, it has signed around it as being part of the Riverina Oils and Bio Energy group - they have a plant down the road a Bowmans.
Lots ...

Coca-Cola Amatil had no interest in Shepherds Siding NSW Wink

[quote=Jack Le Lievre][quote]P2N (Parkes to Narromine) - Freight trains will resume operations from 21/9.[/quote]No Services are permitted until after 24/09/20 after the AK Cars have made a run.

ht ...

P2N (Parkes to Narromine) - Freight trains will resume operations from 21/9.

Too bad I just saw this post as I could have checked it out as I drove past it today.

It seems like that Part 2 of the 2019-2020 bushfire season is over.
Many fire areas got relatively little rain and not enough to kill the fires. After a few days of b ...


Decades of poor management and lack of maintenance got it to it's current point.All the work that has been done since it was fobbed off to ARTC has been catchup work for a track tha ...

In the Stockinbingal to Parkes (S2P) section, the Daroobalgie crossing loop between Forbes and Parkes, has been fast-tracked with construction due to start next year. ...

The umpteenth time this has been proposed and it will not happen.

Inquiry into Inland Rail and they haven't even finished the first section.

Interactive map of the Illabo to Stockinbingal (I2S) section,

Notably, the junction at Stockinbingal shows no connection between east and south.

Posted 19 Aug 2019 08:05 in New South Wales by cootanee

I wonder if ARTC will retain the line between Coota and Illabo once the new Inland Rail section is in use. They may well mothball it to save on maintenance.

And with the increasing contribution that road tires make to micro-plastic pollution, there will hopefully be more pressure on Governments to shift freight off roads and to rail.

Posted 18 Jan 2019 10:15 in Victoria by cootanee

[quote=Madjikthise][quote]On well maintained cwr with concrete sleepers, resilient fasteners and with a good ballast shoulder, [/quote]There's your problem. Track maintenance currently appears to be r ...

Posted 06 Jan 2019 16:43 in The Lounge by cootanee

Some of his early morning Twitter rants are gems, and they reckon he doesn't drink,,,,, hummmm?
Not drink, ego!

Seems this project has turned out to be one very long slog.

ATMS Website seems to have been all but forgotten. Schedule has rollout as 2018. Anyone know the latest?

This long document deals with issues raised over the Narromine to Narrabri section. Not through my farm? ...

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