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Regrettable sale

All brand new in box.

Bank deposit or cash on pickup from Maryborough Victoria

Can post for $20 each or combined postage

Auscision 830 SAR mustard pot $300

Auscision 833 ...

Looking for an auscision a class in the passenger livery

Im looking for auscision N passenger sets VPS-16 vline passenger mk3 grey, white and red

Most of the car carriers are available now from their website.

C44-36 is an undecorated version.

Was up on the australian modeller page for a short time awhile ago before they removed it. No photo just the description. I took a screenshot of it but dont know ho ...

Hi im looking for an austrains Y class in freight australia livery if anyone has one they wish to sell for a reasonable price

C44aci update. Have arrived and pre orders are being posted. Hopefully will arrive before xmas. Still no mention of any unannounced models

Yep trainworld advertises and sells railmotor models. last product was their SCTgt46 loco earlier this year and they are available from train world. So are railmotor models other products that are sti ...

Through Trainworld

Looking for 2x austrains freight australia G classes. Not after G513. Either G521 or G539. Or another custom number in series 2.

Can pay cash or trade of equal value

Pm sent trainguy84

Lima B75 CRL livery. Good condition. Works well and has functional lights. Comes with spare chassis too as I have no use for it anymore.


[color=#000000][size=3][font=sans-serif]Lima GM project ...

Never mind found them on australian modeller shop. 4pk for $280. 2 different pack numbers available. Pity they didnt do them single packs to so you could make all 9 of the wagons.


Are they single packs or 4pks?

For anyone that can make it the unannounced model will be available for Australian modeller online from Saturday too

Yea i seen it stationed at maryborough station and got a few photos. Had a peek inside and it was quite luxurious

I received an email from bobs hobbies the other day and the phone number they had on the email reply had the same number you were trying to call

Looking for:

Auscision VHGF Pacific National grain hoppers. As many as possible.


PM me with prices and quantity.

Brand new in box athearn 5 pack gunderson maxi III articulated red well wagons. Never used.

2 packs available

$150 each plus $10 postage

Bank deposit only

PM for any details

Oops meant austrains G513 not auscision :/

Hopefully this link works. Just a photo of my SSR collection so far. Auscision B61, trainorama GM22 and auscision G513. Still have 4 more locos that are still being painted.

Im looking for 15-20 HO drawbars for my well wagons. Cant find them anywhere as im not sure exactly what they are called or who makes them. So if anyone has any for sale or can help me with the correc ...

Posted 08 Jun 2016 07:42 in News by coreyraff

Sorry guys first time posting photos so still trying to work it all out

Posted 08 Jun 2016 07:38 in News by coreyraff

Posted 08 Jun 2016 07:32 in News by coreyraff

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