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The battery box is always at the no.1 end. It is the box under the chassis in front of the fuel tank.

Great work Captain!!!!  Look forward to your notes....

Thanks for the update Roachie......looks like I have 4 in need of a solution. Hopefully the 49 class won't develop the same problem as the 44's

So are we any closer to a solution to the problem yet??

So what decoders are people going to put in their 73 class?

Check out the Pacific National website for jobs @ Gunnedah in Coal Division. Full time positions for Trainees and Qualified Drivers. Hurry though, applications close 11:30am on Monday 24th October, 20 ...

Posted 27 Feb 2011 22:02 in New South Wales by drib72

Koolbury loop being put back in.


If you want to install a dcc decoder, I would recommend a NCE Bach DSL decoder, they come with two golden white LEDs in the package. It's an easy decoder install and by adjusting your CV's ...

I have had this problem before and it was just dirty wheels, try moving it a few centimetres, just in case you have dirty wheels.

Tamworth and West Tamworth


Correct me if I am wrong, but the TOC Waiver 1935 mentions road numbers in the range 93011-93444, so if they are consecutively numbered with no gaps that would give you around 432 trucks or  ...

PN have one installed in 8206. It was running as a trailing unit the other night on a Whitehaven (Gunnedah) job.

Doesn't PN have a order for more loco's (EDI TT class due in early December) and an order for some 400 wagons to expand their coal fleet, I'd say the PHYH would be the start of these new wagons, proba ...

Posted 07 Oct 2009 20:32 in New South Wales by drib72

If you are up around daylight you might catch the bankers pushing one up the hill on sunrise. We pushed the last one of two 72 wagon coalies to do leaving Willow Tree at 0525hrs arriving Arglen at 060 ...

Posted 07 Oct 2009 17:51 in New South Wales by drib72

8111, 8027 & 8139 are the bankers at the moment. Banking is mainly being done at the moment overnight due to track possessions during the daylight. No export wheaties are running at the moment dur ...

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