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Good on em.

[quote=bevans][quote]The airport link will use elevated rail through Sunshine North, Keilor East and Airport West:

[url= ...

And they're in service today, well at least one of them?

[]Ok, im going to be me and ask the question that im sure you expect me to ask.....

Is there any way that this can be SG. How much is new build, how much is sharing exisitng (what is ...

Posted 02 Dec 2019 22:06 in Railway Archaeology by drunkill

An interesting video by a bloke going for a jog along the old Noojee line, with a goal to clear the path.

Well made, with ample trespassing.

Can't this go in an off topic thread somewhere?

This is a dumb 'survey' they counted the number of bus stops per suburb as how well serviced it is by PT. Not the fact it may only have 1 route runni ...

[quote=ngarner][quote]I've just seen a clip on Youtube that says that there is another HCMT transfer ex Newport this Thursday 24/10

Neil[/quote]It's interesting how as more HCMT are transferred to ...

[quote=ptvcommuter]With the elevated rail project on the Caulfield-Dandenong Line, the LXRA mentions it as being completed. However, the station canopies on most if not all of the stations have not be ...

[quote=Engineeringlogic]I'm still at a loss to understand how Flinders st will be closed for upto 3 years just for a 100m pedestrian tunnel and services relocation work. 12-18 months max would have be ...

Thats a... Downer.


Posted 21 Jun 2019 00:37 in Melbourne suburban by drunkill

There are stations with track-machine storage, eg Burnley westside (wired?) and Bell (unwired?).
Or Caulfield sidings. Sometimes a metro loco will sit there but often empty or wo ...

Portal slab has been poured.

*cough* Rowville tram line *cough* *cough* did everyone seem to forget they announced this last year.
True Believers
Wasn't this quietly shelved when Turnbull said he'd chip in the money ...

[quote=mm42][color=#14171a][size=5][font=Segoe UI]Northern residents short-changed again! The LRXA website doesn't mention [/font][/size][/color][color=#14171a][size=5][font=Segoe UI] escalators at Re ...

Any word on the street about the HCMT? They surely must be commencing testing soon.
Gotta wait until after the April shutdown. They can't run past South Yarra just yet.

Afte ...

Grattan Institute is dumb and focusing on the wrong thing.

Of course it doesn't service most of the workforce (the CBD) because it aims to help shift jobs away form the CBD to these new locations.


Posted 06 Mar 2019 20:00 in Victoria by drunkill

We're heading into recession, so spending on infrastructure is a great thing to do to keep the economy afloat.

Tooradin is too small and it is a grass runway anyway. It would remain as a light aircraft airstrip and a helicport.

Monomeith will have a private airport built on it mainly for tourism flights i ...

If coldstream gets a future stabling or maintenance facility then a park and ride station can be attached.

Why is there another thread?

Posted 07 Jan 2019 23:47 in Melbourne suburban by drunkill

Melbuni would have carefully chosen that location knowing a station would be nearby, that way their main campus and this one would only be 3-4 stops away from eachother for students.

Although I'm n ...

Posted 05 Jan 2019 19:55 in Melbourne suburban by drunkill

Glenhuntly also has a very narrow ramp for how many passengers use the station. Could have been solved years ago by making the ramp width nearly the same width as the platforms, plenty of room.

Tha ...

The full height ormond development got knocked back by planning afaik, it is currently caught up in vcat appeals. The deck is still empty years later, it should at least be turned into temporary bakse ...

Quick question - Why don’t the new trains have the central driving position like the X’Trapolis ?
Whats the point? Waste of space and money.

These trains won't be spli ...

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