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Thread locked, no nore attempts to reintroduce it, Mod instruction.

Here's a radical theory:

The train could have a refershment stop somehwere for those to be fed quickly in a lunchrooom or by mobile vendors. After all tha's how they did it at Seymour etc in the ol ...

A Friends has a Lenz DCC system with 4 power districts, each is a PSX AR circuit breaker. He got a  Dapol A$ with DCC Sound and a smoke generator.  The loco had issues dirty wheels.

But trying the  ...

Saw something like the dunny at Puffing Billy around 2014 I think prepping for a Day with Thomas and they used  the trolly to move it around the yard.


that was  Eureka Times it was jus three adverts attached.


the USA & Canadian Companies do a mean  preorder, very true. They are also bigger than the biggest Aussie company. So by sheer numbers their system if financially huge compared to what aussie compqnie ...

if ask something etc it will be active.  I watch it all the time.

Currently at the AALS Convention at Wagga Wagga. Great fun.

David Head

Posted 17 Apr 2022 18:30 in Railpage Australia™ by dthead

send me a PM with your old username,  current email used, and the new username and whaen I can I willl help.. I do not crre who ask, I WILL help.

Im a mod wih a little extra things, shall we say.

still here for people to use....

Posted 11 Apr 2022 20:08 in General by dthead

Tuesdays 10.30  channel 73 Rail Truckers

Sundays 9.30  channel 7two  Hornby

Both good to see


David Head

Posted 06 Apr 2022 22:49 in The Lounge by dthead

Thread cleaned. elsewhere for climate change please.


David Head, Moderator

Posted 03 Apr 2022 20:41 in The Lounge by dthead

[size=2] For new thread.[/size]

[size=2]This one has just been people having goes at each other with some actual discussion. So it's cleaned up a bit b ...

Posted 03 Apr 2022 20:34 in The Lounge by dthead

fo instance to produce a tank of htdrogen what's needed ? x amount pf water, x amount of electrivcity for xx hours ??  



David Head

Posted 03 Apr 2022 20:33 in The Lounge by dthead

[size=2][b]Let's try this again. old one was just people flaming each other and when actual topical discussion occured, it degenerated. So it can stay locked.[/b][/size]


[size=2][b] ...

thanks [url=]kernan, edited the posts.

Do not want a slap from any will !!


David Head

Will James  has a updated Exhibition coverage:


David Head

thanks for the correction all Smile


SDS Model TWF tanker with BP as the owner.


David Head

thread locked.

Weather cancel events - simple

Costs a lot of money to fix track in a hurry for mainlines, for some gunzel need not a priority.

Organisation cannot control these facts.

Good Gun ...

Posted 22 Mar 2022 23:07 in The Lounge by dthead

Removed one post. If you cannot be sort of respectfull do not post. Almost led  to a instent ban. BE CAREFULL PLEASE.

NOTE: with multiple posting the author cn delete the post if no one has posted after.

SO:  rather than filling up the thread with off topic posts, simply report the  first post  and a mod (  ...

Election thread in the Political Soapbox section.

ok this has run it's course.


Will Jmes  has a exhibition segment as well:


David Head

Posted 17 Feb 2022 23:36 in The Lounge by dthead

renewable energy. is there a system that frack Hydrogen and oxygen out of water by excessive solar inthe day and can use the hydrogen to generated power at night ?


David Head

I thought the gears for this were specific to one type of loco and not suitable for other mechs. I asked the XPT and told - uselesss. Sad

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