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Barnes? It's a junction, and there are (were) at least two routes from there to Melbourne. The open line is BG.

Posted 23 May 2022 19:24 in NT by duttonbay

I called in at Larrimah in 2015 and was offered a ride up and down the yard on a powered trolley. That was a pleasant surprise. Snake Creek is a very interesting site indeed, and well worth anybody up ...





[quote]Would the Bendigo bound Velocity (forming the journey to Swan Hill) be destoned for Epsom or Huntly with Swan Hill line passengers asked to alight at Bendigo Railway Statio ...

Does the train reverse at Townsville?

Posted 02 May 2022 12:53 in Victoria by duttonbay

Very nice. They might "warm to the station" even more if they could get a train to Echuca for a day-trip during the week, rather than only on weekends.

kitchgp has it with Ouyen. Up trains from the Mildura direction become down trains as they swing onto the branch, which faces up trains. About 50 miles to the north is Red Cliffs, where the Morkalla j ...

Not Hamilton

Not Mount Gambier.

We are looking for a station where a train could, theoretically, ignoring safeworking constraints, change from being an up to a down train (or vice-versa) without stopping.

This ...

HPV = High Productivity Vehicle

Sounds like a term instigated by the trucking industry. Bugger the effect on the roads, or on people who live on roads used by these long vehicles, or s ...

Neither Maryborough nor Tooboorac.

[quote][color=#000000][size=2][font=Roboto, wf_SegoeUI,]The 1932 W.T.T. shows a Horsham-Balmoral return car goods on Mondays and a Hamilton-Balmoral mixed on Thu ...

[quote=8502]If the North East BG line can be resignalled for such a small amount then why is it so expensive for the Bendigo Metro system and why can't they use the same system for Bendigo Metro as th ...

Not Balmoral or Kilmore.

Balmoral is an interesting choice. My 1960s WTT shows that Down trains from Horsham to Hamilton, with (naturally) up trains the reverse. There was no change of direction the ...

Sorry for the delay. Been busy (and will be so tomorrow too, by the look of things). So let's have a quickie.

We are looking for a station where a train could, theoretically, ignoring safeworking  ...

Went from Collins Siding (Erica) to Tyers Junction, along the Forestry Commission line known as Tyers Valley Tramway

[quote=Tii][quote]Degraves Street subway is about to be closed for a couple of years as they begin working on the connection into Town Hall.

Going to be a mess for a few years as lift shafts are i ...



[quote=lkernan][quote]No trains running the entire easter weekend between Hurstbridge and Clifton Hill. Why?

Why do we need to stop running trains between Heidelberg and Clifton Hill for 4 days?



Posted 17 Apr 2022 20:13 in Victoria by duttonbay

[quote=The Vinelander]Everyone who was around in the late 80’s when the Sex/Mex was created from the demise of the ‘Aurora knows all the sitters and buffet car were ex VR Spirit of Progress cars.[ ...

Not Patchewollock, but the answer is indeed Oaklands. The "yet there was a turntable there" was to be my next clue.

Over to kitchgp

Not Redesdale, either before or after the turntable broke.

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