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Thanks for letting us know. I have just ordered from their website, free postage for this issue for a little while.

Posted 18 Sep 2019 15:25 in Melbourne suburban by duttonbay

[quote=AJW]Thanks DuttonBay. I have looked into the Haughton Rd tracks history and found I was way out: "No 4 road, was the long gone run around track for terminating trains. No 4 road ... abolished ...

Posted 17 Sep 2019 17:51 in Melbourne suburban by duttonbay

[quote=AJW]Thanks Duttonbay.

Interesting that the LXRA diagram in the flyer has Platform 1 & 2 labelled incorrectly!


old Platform 1 is gone - never to be re-instated - we went from 5 tracks ...

Posted 17 Sep 2019 14:51 in Melbourne suburban by duttonbay

Here's what the council are doing:



Posted 12 Sep 2019 11:53 in Victoria by duttonbay

Made by Breda, and operated on 3,000VDC.

[url=] (and hit "translate" if your browser has one.

Thanks for that, I get the bit about 3rd party image sharing apps, but how do I get them into the photo section?
Sydney Metro Vlogs
Click on "Quick Reply" just below here. On the row of  ...

[quote=mejhammers1][quote][url=] ...

The one at Parkes had what look more like check rails than guard rails - quite close to the rails.

[img] ...

[quote=a6et][quote]Those of us who did the 2 x 19 class tour (1904 / 1923) in 1972 were told they were kept as they were the only ones that could get up the Port Waratah coal stage. I never cross chec ...

[quote=a6et][quote][quote]Google "NSWR coal stage", and a few variations on the theme, will return some images. Examples I found included 20 class on Enfield coal stage, and a 53 class on Broadmeadow' ...

[quote=Adogs]I guess that might make a difference? I would assume that the weight load tolerances would still be the same though. The Upfield project will still be two separate U-troughs, although ...

[quote=Lockie91]Spot on DangerousDan

With Clayton the station buildings were timber on stumps, making a relocation very easy. Cut it in pieces and put it on the back of a truck.

Brick on a co ...

I'm not an expert, but the only two photos I have illustrating locos working on NSW coal stages show 3221 at Broadmeadow (1966), and 7328 at Port Waratah (1972, when there were still standard goods an ...

Pleased you got the bottom of this. Although I don't model SG in HO, I was following with interest. My money was on the code 88 wheel being to narrow and dropping into the frog - I'm glad I didn't pla ...

Posted 18 Aug 2019 19:14 in Locations by duttonbay

Based on the dialling code, Sri Lanka. It would be *really* nice if the country could be identified in these posts.

Why is the 'Protection Bar on the bridge. It should be at least 50m before the bridge.




There are large tell-tales either side of the bridge:

While it's all very well for us to tell people to learn how to read a map, that doesn't address the problem. Whether you like it or not, the bulk of those driving these days are using Sat-Nav. It's ha ...

Posted 13 Aug 2019 13:01 in Railway Archaeology by duttonbay

The LRRSA research report on Tarrawingee, mentioned by Bruce McLean above, and in Light Railways 209 (October 2009), is available here:

[url= Tarrawingee p26-27.pdf]http://lr ...

If the concern is drivers turning onto the railway line, rather than a street, then it may be useful for the driver to be told to "turn right after the level crossing" instead of simply "turn right at ...

Posted 12 Aug 2019 20:18 in Railway Archaeology by duttonbay

Even though it's a six year gap in this thread, thanks for your posting. I will be returning to Broken Hill soonish, and had wondered about Tarrawingee. Seems like it's a goer.

[quote=The Vinelander][quote]Mike, your $1400 at about $1/km - what journey was that for?

Edit: and great news about your bag.[/quote]

I was staying in Frankfurt on the Sunday & Monday and nights, w ...

Mike, your $1400 at about $1/km - what journey was that for?

Edit: and great news about your bag.

[quote=br30453 The 1942 article was "The Bundamba Tramway - C.B.Thomas (ARHS 7/42 p1-3)"]

The article was about the line from Bundamba to the mines at Swanbank.

Nothing about street trams in Ipswi ...

I note that a search for "Ipswich" and "Thomas" (not as an author) returns:

Article Name: The Redbank - Bundamba Loop Line

ARHS Bulletin Vol 19, No 368, Jun 1968, pp129-47

Author/Contributor Name ...

Magindex has no reference to any such article in the Bulletin. There are only two articles by CB Thomas listed in QLD - Tramways of Nambour, and Childers - which appeared in 1943 and 1952 respectively ...

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