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As mentioned in the other thread on this topic I believe the location of Wenslydale station to be at the entrance of the Seamist Palamino Stud. Other forumites confirmed this to be the case.

When I ...

I was there early last year and the decking of the bridge is most certainly gone.

I was there early last year and the decking of the bridge is most certainly gone.

Posted 17 Jul 2005 21:07 in Railway Archaeology by hot_dogma

I spoke to the security guard at the gatehouse and he gave me a card of a contact person for guided entry to the location. I didn't have time to make a call but i have the details if ne one wants the ...

Posted 02 Feb 2005 00:02 in New South Wales by hot_dogma


Flinders St station has a Kiosk on each platform whilst Spencer St doesn't have any on the platforms (just one in the subway), and I don't recall Melbourne Central and Flagstaff stations having Kiosk, ...

Posted 10 Jan 2005 19:04 in Victoria by hot_dogma

The first three that sprung to mind off the top of my head was Yarra Glen, Orbost and Gundagai although I'm sure others could provide better examples.

A Deltic to an L class. That sounds like a rather extreme conversion.

I do have scale drawings of the Ls, but I haven't put them online at this stage. I might have a go at that a little later.

I s ...

Stony Point?

Full points. That is the correct answer.

It's at a location that is often brought up on Railpage Australia because of its perceived uniquness. And it's in Vic.

I was going to make a separate thread for this but it maybe appropriate here anyway. Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that the air-conditioned air inside X`trapolis' smells a lot like the fak ...

Posted 07 Jan 2005 20:47 in Melbourne suburban by hot_dogma

I caught an Hitachi yesterday on the down 1616 service to Blackburn from Flinders St (Platform 4) going to Camberwell. On my journey to the city earlier in the day I passed an Hitachi at Heatherdale b ...

Posted 07 Jan 2005 20:32 in Melbourne suburban by hot_dogma

end of the platform at Flinders St

Is it true the distances used to be measured from Spencer Street?


I think JoM has answered my question

I'm looking at purchasing a digital camera for myself in the near future and would like to read any opinions or insights other posters may have about digital cameras. What are some recommendations for ...

Posted 06 Jan 2005 02:15 in Trams and Light Rail by hot_dogma

I notice that there are still tramway poles in both of those photographs.

Yes. I have noticed this on previous occasions. I should have got a photo of Holden St as well as I am having a hard time ...

There really is no nice way to say this:

No, the world doesn't owe you s**t because you're a Melbourne University student, no, other University and other IT degree students aren't worth less than y ...

Depends what type of residential accomodation you're talking about. If it is affordable living space for the unemployed, people that are prone to homelessness and the like, those that cannot sustain l ...

Posted 03 Jan 2005 15:14 in Trams and Light Rail by hot_dogma

There's also the Holden Street siding, but it's not for any venue, it's actually what's left of a former tram line.  

That was the Barkly St siding. The Holden St service use to do a little diversi ...

Would many Avondale Heights residents that use public transport catch 57 at all or would they more likely rely on bus 406 or the Buckley St routes?

Lets not forget that tram routes are not only ...

Posted 03 Jan 2005 02:21 in Railway Archaeology by hot_dogma

Were the sidings located adjacent to the old sub station?

I don't recall there bieng a substation at Mentone??

Refreshing my memory I think it is approximately 200m city end of Balcombe Road ...

Yes B67 is right. It is a lever on a platform.

The only reason they see revenue on that line at all is because it has a conductor checking tickets.  Would there be a conductor on the service if it was a spark extension?

In my experiences wit ...

I rather dislike the idea of more apartments, as I feel the area has way to much residential estate, and the trend is already showing that people are not taking up these apartments as rapidly as they  ...

Talking about ugly stations, when was the current Surrey Hills opened? When was Pakenham opened? And what about the current Victoria Park?  Victoria Park I don't recall, but may also be an old buildin ...

Balaclava Station would have originally got its name from Balaclava Road. The whole area is now known as Balaclava but originally it was a part of St. Kilda East.

Balaclava Road, along with nearby  ...

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