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How is it a test case C2
Richard stroker
There is concern among the driving grade that if they're allowed to get away with it this time, they'll want to implement this type of 'training' ...

Posted 30 Jan 2020 09:39 in Victoria by jakar

Why did the V/line driver not hear the calls Of the PN crew on the derailment as a warning ?
Why do you assume they didn't?

Posted 29 Jan 2020 22:55 in Victoria by jakar

[quote=BrentonGolding]And I presume the 19.02 had to get into Bendigo, detrain pax and either stable or form another Up service before the following service could get into the platform so better to up ...

The RTBU is a disgrace.
Gee whiz, how dare the RTBU try and hold the operators accountable to maintain safety and training standards and improve conditions for their members. :r ...

Posted 29 Jan 2020 19:34 in Victoria by jakar

[quote=Carnot]Apparently it started with an Up Traralgon taking forever to get to SCS...[/quote][quote=railblogger]If the Bendigo train was formed off the Traralgon train then that would explain it. [ ...

[quote=Fatty]As I said, this is a very heavily signalled section. It's not like they pop up around a corner after you've been doing a 100km/h for a few kms. There was a signal every few hundred metres ...

Posted 16 Jan 2020 17:07 in Victoria by jakar

[quote=The Vinelander]Last night on the Ballarat line we had the ludicrous situation of heat speed restrictions (WOLO's) long after the cool change had arrived and the temperature in Ballarat was a mi ...

The Fyansford Siding at North Geelong is booked out from tomorrow until Friday for PN to carry out rolling stock removal.

Posted 10 Jan 2020 14:57 in Victoria by jakar

Toolamba to Echuca line has been downgraded from being under absolute occupation to being completely booked out of service on account of sleeper condition, geometry faults, and failing culverts.


Posted 01 Jan 2020 22:39 in Victoria by jakar

You seem to share Lowndes' view that everything's OK and can't be improved.
And you seem to have made an incorrect assumption. There's always room for improvement, in fact just ...

Posted 01 Jan 2020 12:41 in Victoria by jakar

What a record showing the "best we're going to get" over just 17 days. A whole year's efforts will be mind-boggling.
So what would you do to 'eliminate' those delays/can ...

Posted 28 Dec 2019 12:54 in Victoria by jakar

Metrol, on the other hand, does have automatic route setting since its upgrade a few years ago.
Yep, which is a pain in the butt when your on an UP Traralgon and get to F ...

Posted 28 Dec 2019 11:37 in Victoria by jakar

[quote=petan]Jaker, just to clarify, are you stating they still do it the 1940s fashion with a train controller deciding each train move outside Metrol area and the computers just move the points and ...

Posted 28 Dec 2019 10:08 in Victoria by jakar

So Jakar, are you are saying that Melbourne Ballarat or at least the non Metrol portion of that line and similar areas are manual not computer train control in 2019?
It depends on  ...

Posted 27 Dec 2019 22:00 in Victoria by jakar

[quote=The Vinelander]Yesterday when travelling home on the 13:16 after leaving work early, we made good progress with an enthusiastic driver (not all drivers are enthusiastic), we arrived at Parwan l ...

[quote=train_train]So I gather if facing an automatic signal with only a yellow or green showing (Ie. No bottom aspect), u would still need to:


Wait 30 secs

call the number (even tho u won't ...

Posted 18 Dec 2019 10:24 in Victoria by jakar

[quote=Contillion]According to V/Line's website action was planned yesterday - and my usual train home (1648 Dn South Geelong) was replaced with buses - which station staff at Southern Cross stated wa ...

[quote=ngarner]By mutual agreement you could swap rosters, so there was a pin-board adjacent to the displayed roster where you could place your request and check to see who else might want to swap a r ...

Posted 17 Dec 2019 11:33 in Victoria by jakar

Maybe some Seymour depot drivers treated themselves to a short shift yesterday as part of the industrial action?
There was no industrial action yesterday apart from doing ove ...

Posted 12 Dec 2019 20:28 in Victoria by jakar

On a Rail Replacement coach from Southern Cross to Castlemaine this morning. Both AM Swan Hill trains cancelled today.
No driver in Swan Hill for the first Up train due to ...

Posted 10 Dec 2019 21:36 in Victoria by jakar

I'm glad Victrack doesn't supply radio coverage for Air Traffic Control.
Fixed it for you.

Posted 03 Dec 2019 21:01 in Victoria by jakar

There will be NO SERVICES on the Bendigo or Swan Hill lines all day on 11th December, and NO SERVICES on the Ararat, Maryborough and Ballarat lines on the 12th December.
Also  ...

If a speed restriction of 40 km/h is in operation through the Melton platform there will be a quick reply from me to Minister Horne.
The Vinelander
I'd be interested to hear the minister ...

Posted 25 Nov 2019 09:41 in Victoria by jakar

[quote=BrentonGolding]Oh dear....... It sounds like they had to change sets at Southern Cross. Just departing Gisborne at 09.05, normally we would be heading out of Malmsbury or even entering Elphi lo ...

Posted 09 Nov 2019 16:25 in Victoria by jakar

[quote=bevans]Recall when 3 years ago the [b]PTV[/b] was going to delivery wifi on the network or was it longer? [url= ...

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