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Given that just about all the sleepers need to be replaced, Options 7, 8 & 9, at least, should have been costed as BG with gauge-convertible sleepers. SG south of Tocumwal is an over-simplification by ...

The Victorian Collections website’s About page contains the following:

Media reuse

If you would like to reuse a media item (image, video, etc) from this website, please ref ...

Now at the Puffing Billy Museum, Menzies Creek (Q 129). From the Victorian Collections website:

The last picture on the right has ...

This may be behind a paywall (depending on whether or not you've used your free quota): ...

A link to this thread showing in the [i]Victoria[/i] forum; last post by [i]hbedriver[/i] at 10.15am.

Edit: Disappeared when new post added to one of the other threads, ie

[i]Where am I Victoria? ...

Posted 22 Nov 2021 20:52 in The Lounge by kitchgp

Posted 21 Nov 2021 20:21 in The Lounge by kitchgp

'As soon as Cricket Tasmania was made aware, it undertook an investigation that determined the interaction was consensual, private, occurred on the one occasion only, was between mature adults and was ...

Posted 20 Nov 2021 21:38 in The Lounge by kitchgp

Sexting is not illegal. It's sending unsolicited texts, usually to females, that is. On the Morals front, Barnaby Joyce is still Deputy PM.

Posted 20 Nov 2021 21:00 in The Lounge by kitchgp

Given the ‘sexting’ was consensual, what exactly has he done wrong? Come the winter solstice in Hobart, they all run round in the nude in public.

Posted 20 Nov 2021 00:13 in News by kitchgp

Cobb & Co ran the old and runs the new:

Civil, Nautical & Astronomical Twilight - measures of the angle of the geometric centre of the sun below the horizon:

Aviation uses civil dusk (last light),  ...

Stratford Junction it is.

1. Stratford Junction. Signal box abolished September 1986.  Stratford Junction – Maffra services suspended March 1995.

2. Stratford, on the other side of the Avon Rive ...

Not Carlsruhe, North Creswick, Wedderburn Junction, Heywood, Warragul, Elmore or Red Cliffs [sic].

1. A closed junction on an open line, ie one of the lines past the junction has closed.

2. It did ...


1. A closed junction on an open line, ie one of the lines past the junction has closed.

Sherwood Park

The long-haul VLocity has space for 9 bikes per 3-car set and, compared to the standard VLocity, additional luggage space, part of the reason for the reduced passenger capacity (about 145 per 3-car se ...

Route 3/3A Melbourne University – East Malvern is only a dog leg. Perhaps you mean Route 16 Melbourne University – Kew via St Kilda Beach (a combination of the old Route 16 University – St Kilda ...

Posted 07 Nov 2021 23:01 in The Lounge by kitchgp

An extract from a Supreme Court of Victoria injunction (Kairouz v Bracks) granted in March, 2021:

Section 9 (Page 3)

On 15 June 2020, Mr D Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, wrote to the National ...

Low-floor trams don’t necessarily have conventional axles. The photos at the bottom right of Page 1 of this article show low-floor motorised and non-motorised bogies: ...


Posted 04 Nov 2021 18:13 in Victoria by kitchgp

The 1962 Albury signal diagram on Victorian Railways.Net website shows the dock platform loop length as 286 yards (261 metres) plus 74 yards (68 metres) for engine run round, total 360 yards (329 metr ...

Posted 03 Nov 2021 18:29 in The Lounge by kitchgp

[quote=simstrain]Ok so victoria is expensive for rego then because in NSW it certainly isn't that much and it's free for pensioners. ...

Posted 02 Nov 2021 21:03 in The Lounge by kitchgp

[quote=freightgate]Highly unlikely the opposition would have any clout over the corrupt Victoria police. Maybe the case has been reopened because of new information ?

Controvery has followed this p ...

In 2010, two Bendigo trams were brought to Melbourne for the Malvern Depot 100th Anniversary. From VicSig’s website:

The last photo bo ...

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